Thursday's Thoughts

Sept. 28, 2017

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I love that we work so hard everyday to make a difference. We are purpose driven warriors!

Literacy Committee Ideas

The literacy committee met Tuesday and discussed the number of students reading below grade level in each grade level, ways to increase reading skills with our struggling readers, and how to continue to build a reading culture in our school. While we are working to find answers to meeting the needs for students reading significantly below grade level, we all discussed the absolute must of meeting with low readers because of their need for direct reading instruction.

We plan to implement a reading assembly each month where we read to students and promote books. During this time, you will be able to meet with each other for planning particularly with reading. I will send more information out to you in the coming weeks about these assemblies.

Emily shared that she has a Motivational Monday, Booktrailer Tuesday, Wonderful Word Wednesday, Book Share Thursday, and Finish It Friday in her classroom. She uses this time to motivate her students to love reading. When you see Emily, ask her about this. Several of us loved this idea during our meeting.

Don't forget the importance of reading aloud to your students. Reading aloud great books should be a protected and important part of your day. Don't forget to talk with Katie about books and ideas. She is a valueable resource in our school!

Ideas for Assessment

The best way we can move kids and ensure understanding is to assess. Assessment should always drive what we do as teachers so that we know we are teaching and/or reteaching when needed. Here are some ideas for quick assessments that you can use to form small groups when needed, to ensure a standard is mastered before moving on, and to clear up any misconceptions.

  • Ask students to reflect by writing down what they learned.
  • Ask students to summarize important concepts orally, visually, or otherwise.
  • Have students use hand signals to signal understanding.
  • Use response cards such as index cards, signs, whiteboards, magnetic boards, or others for students to hold up to indicate responses to a question you pose.
  • Use Four Corners to get an easy snapshot of student understanding. This promotes movement while allowing you to assess understanding.
  • Think-pair-share where students compare thoughts with a designated partner before sharing with the class.
  • 3-2-1 where students respond to 3) things they learned from the lesson 2) things they want to know more about and 1) question they have.
  • Ticket out the door where students write a response to a specific prompt.
  • Journal reflections where students write about what they learned, what caused them difficulty, what they found helpful, or other lesson related topics.
  • Peer Instruction: Have one student teach another student what they learned.


Please send me your homeroom reading levels if you have not already done so. Thank you!

Fire Drill

We will have our fire drill around 1:30 tomorrow. Please be sure you have discussed with your classes how to exit and where to go during the drill.

Upcoming Dates:

Sept. 29th: Happy Friday and House Council nominations due by 3:15. You can email them to me or drop them by my office.

Oct. 4th: Grandparent's breakfast for grades k-2.

Oct. 5th: Grandparent's breakfast for grades 3-5.

Oct. 6th: House elections for president, vice president, and secretary

Oct. 6th: F & P Levels due

Oct. 13th: Rikki Brown will be here all day if you have insurance needs

Oct. 13th: ALICE drill- I will get letters to you to send home prior to the drill. You will also need to talk with your classes about procedures in the event of an intruder prior to the 13th.

Oct. 16th: Bookfair Week!

Oct. 17th: Fall Festival-I can't wait to see your costumes!

Oct. 17th: Fall Picture Make-ups

Thank you for posting your lesson plans by your door. :-)

You are the heart of our school! Thank you for all that you do day in and day out. We are a school family!