Challenger Elementary Memo

August 26-30, 2013 Week 2

Upcoming Dates

Monday, Aug. 26

Dibels Training during Collaborative in Deana's room

1st 8:30

K 11:30

2nd 1:00

Wednesday, Aug. 28

Dibels Testing 5th grade 9:15 am AV room

Dibels Testing 4th grade 11:45 pm AV room

Confidentiality Training 2:45 pm Media Center

Thursday, Aug. 29

Dibels Testing 2nd grade 8:30 am AV room

Dibels Testing 3rd grade 11:45 pm AV room

Open House 6:00 pm

Friday, Aug. 30

End of the month meeting 7:30 Media Center

Dibels Testing kindergarten 8:30 am AV room

SPIRIT DAY - Wear your Challenger Colors!!

Back to School Night 6:00 pm Thursday, August 29th


PTA Business

Principal's Report

Introduction of Faculty

Classroom Visits & Information

We should be out of the Cafeteria by 6:20, leaving you 30 minutes in classrooms to do the following: present rules, curriculum information, gather email addresses, get volunteers, etc. Some grade levels prefer to present as a group. Please let me know if your team will be doing that.

After they leave you, we need parents to join PTA. InfoSnap information will also be available.

Please send me an outline of what your team is presenting by Wednesday.

Stuff TO DO:

1. Watch SchoolNet video & sign sheet on Michele's door by Friday

2. Grades 3-5 Watch Dyknow video & sign sheet on Michele's Door by Friday

3. Upload lesson plan to Edmodo lesson plan folder by Monday

4. Upload schedule to Edmodo schedules folder by Monday

5. Take the technology survey at

6. Print off, complete Staff Skills Survey & Inventory and give to Michele (found in Edmodo Safety Folder).

7. Grade level - Field trip plans for yr. to Michele

8. Open House Agenda and Documents to Michele (electronically) by Wednesday.

9. Grade level or teacher - Classroom rules to Michele (electronically) by Wednesday.

10. Make a list of internet, media and directory NO's for your students. Give to Danna by Friday.

Edmodo Codes for each grade level

Grade-level pacing guides are on Edmodo to plan collaboratively for instruction. These pacing guides may be found in the grade-level edmodo groups that have been established for the benefit of all teachers. The codes are as follows:

Kdg: xkoio9

1st grade: tupkr6

2nd grade: 9jbb0y

3rd grade: p6bcc0

4th grade: 85wfos

5th grade: fnbeal

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Lunchroom Rules

1. Check the "official time" with your clock. Be on time.It is announced each morning.

2. Students are SILENT the first 10 minutes of eating.

3. Students are SILENT in the lunch line.

4. Students are taught to use good manners & CLEAN area.

5. Students DO NOT get up to get catsup, etc. They raise a hand for you or a helper to bring it to them.

6. Students DO NOT get up to throw tray away BEFORE the class is dismissed.

7. When finished, middle school side use the blue tape to line up on, elementary side use the yellow tape.

8. Once students are on the tape, gather and move out promptly.

Duty Free Lunch starts the week AFTER Labor Day

Tuesday, Sep. 3rd 2013 at 10:30am

13555 Chaney Thompson Road Southeast

Huntsville, AL

Tuesday - Elementary Side

Thursday - Middle school side

Be sure to have your system in place so students know at what time they can talk.

Classroom Birthday Rules

Be sure to share with parents that we do not feed students birthday treats. We will happily accept pencils, goodie bags with non-food items, classroom books, etc. WE do have birthday treat on the last day on the lunchroom and each class will recognize the child in some for, but NO FOOD.