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Supporting Students, Staff and Families.

Happy New Year! Feliz Año Nuevo!

What a great time to reflect on things of old and to kick start new thinking, new strategies, and embrace new challenges, Happy New Year!

Our students will enter on Monday, excited, sleepy but hopeful, hopeful to continue their aspirations and dreams of reading, creating, developing to become all that their minds imagine!

As I think about our work, I feel so grateful to be able to have a hand in impacting the lives of our little people.

Change is ever present; be it Oklahoma weather, family, community, economy, and to know that regardless of the changes that are occurring we are impacting zip code 74115.

If this place in Tulsa is to grow/develop or be strengthened, it will be because of the dedication, commitment and contributions that YOU and other minds & hearts like you make. This part of Tulsa is better because of YOU!

I wish you a positive, productive and plentiful 2016! #Letsdoit

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Round 2! Second Semester!!

As we move into the 2nd semester and leave 2015 behind, with sincere appreciation I say, Thank You! Thank you for every intentionally planned lesson, every minute you took to deal with a difficult student, every conference you facilitated that was difficult. For creating an organized and clean environment where students can soar! Thank you for the endless days of school that you planned, prepped and came back for more, YOU MATTER. It's you that makes all the difference. YOU are the game changer for our students.

Thank You. If you have time, please see the video below by Principal Kafele, he verbs my sentiments in his own way. School Forward & Beyond!

"YOU make a difference!" - Message to a Teacher 1

Compliance for the week of Jan. 4-8, 2016

Back in saddle! Please give attention to the following for this week:

Walk through focus for the week is Preparation ( Indicator 1) & Lesson Plans (Indicator 4)


  • Lesson Plans for the week due on Friday,12/20/2015
  • Calibration ( Blakney/ Fraser): observation of a teacher for the practice of administration, this information does NOT count for TLE and is only shared if REQUESTED by the teacher.
  • Staff Meeting in Bell Primary/Great Expectations
  • Jan. 15 Professional Development Selections were due Dec. 17th, if you haven't submitted your selection to your team leader please attend to this ASAP.


  • College Awareness ( wear your college gear and give a mini-lesson on higher education or career).
  • Site Visit ( ILD, other,etc.) expect Walk-through visit to observe balanced literacy implementation, classroom management and preparation.


CST (3,4,5,K) *Additional info to come from Mr. Jones


  • PLC for grades Pre-K, K,1,2 on Thursday, Jan. 7
  • CST (1-2-6) *Additional info to come from Mr. Jones


  • PLC for grades 3,4,5,6 on Friday, Jan. 8
  • ALL GRADES DUE IN POWERSCHOOL by TODAY, close of business.

Any student receiving a failing grade should have comments.

Additionally, if a student is failing this should not be the first

Notification to parent(s). Refer to master contract for detailed info on student grades.

  • Blakney/out ( Principal Meeting)

Important "coming" Dates to Remember:

Jan. 14: 2nd Quarter Awards Assembly (Primary 9-10, Upper 1-2)

Jan. 15: Support & Certified Professional Development (support see Ms. Mollie & certified see your team leader).

Feb. 11: I Love You Program

Feb. 12: Valentine's Parties @ 1:30p.m.

Feb. 12: Valentine's Day Bingo, 6p.m.-8p.m.

Feb. 25: Celebration of Achievement/Observation of Black History Month

Staff Meeting Save the Dates ( from Ask3 Document in Superhero Binder)

1/11,1/25 ,2/1 ,2/8 ,2/22 ,2/29

3/7 ,3/21 ,3/28 ,4/4 ,4/11, 4/18

4/25, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23

Please avoid scheduling appointments from 3:15-4:15 on the dates listed above.

Early Release Save the Dates ( from Ask3 Document in Superhero Binder)

Only 3 remaining!

2/5, 3/4, and 4/1 ( no April Fool's!)

Please avoid scheduling appointments from 1:00-3:15 on the dates listed above.

Leadership Meeting Save the Dates

1/14, 1/28, 2/10,3/3, 3/24, 4/7, 4/14, 5/12

*additional date(s) possible

March 3: Get Ready for World Book Day! Our Superhero staff will ban together to support reading at Bell! We will have Book Character Day, start getting your costume ready and sharing your favorite book with your students!

GE ( Great Expectation) Teacher, Dana Moore shares her story!

GE Lawton teacher, Dana Moore, is a finalist for Oklahoma Teacher of the Year!

Great Expectations (GE)

For those that have trained in Great Expectations, you know that we already use

many pieces of the framework. We will continue our culture and climate work with the support of a GE consultant, Ms. Reagor.

For more information check out

We have many of the practices/expectations in place ( i.e. Rise and shine, work of the week, awards assemblies, etc). There are others that have trained some times ago, they can affirm that this is not "doing more," however it's looking at the "how." GE is designed to teach both teachers and administrators skills to ensure harmony and excitement in the school environment. It also works to ensure the focus is on academic excellence for ALL students.

You will notice that your PLC TIMES HAVE CHANGED FOR THIS WEEK, this is to accommodate a time for your team to collaborate with the GE consultant. ( Sped team leader and a representative from specials, please email administration to let us know if Thursday or Friday will work best for your team, please include 2-3 time slot alternatives).

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.

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You may remember this graphic from a Smores earlier in the school year! This is just a visual reminder of our focus. My vision and our collective vision was drafted by our schools data and what we see as "needs" for children at Bell. My vision is that all students excel in academics and develop skills to collaborate and be creative, that all students are valued and respected for who they are and what they contribute. For our staff, my vision is that we develop a synergy that deepens the height of collective efficacy, that we are culturally competent and yield an optimal learning environment where whomever walks in the door--- leaves more prepared for the world then whence they've come.

We established that a 10% growth goal was necessary for both reading and math OCCT and MAP. However, we decided that we didn't only want to increase 10% but that we wanted to exceed it. To that end our focus was drafted and we will keep the main thing the main thing! We will use best practices in balanced literacy to improve reading and student achievement in literacy and mathematics. We will use differentiated instruction to meet the needs of our students ( guided reading, small group instruction, technology).. This vision requires all hands on deck, student and staff attendance, intentional teaching and learning, data driven decisions and a sense of urgency. To this end, as we push the accelerator to SCHOOL FORWARD & BEYOND remember we've got some place to go! #SuccessTPS

ALL of our students can be successful, ALL of our students can excel, ALL of our students can grow. ALL means ALL.. ELL, SPED, suspended, subgroups such as "boys"--(from our site improvement plan), free and reduced lunch, the list goes on. THEY CAN, WE WILL.


Help NEEDED!! Want Ads!!

•Are you highly qualified under title 1? We are in dire need of a teacher for 6th grade tutoring. It is twice a week for 1 1/2 hours. It is the regular tutoring pay for a certified teacher. If you are interested please let us know, we want our 6th grade students that have signed up to have the extra support they need.

•Bulletin Boards: Anyone awesome at developing/creating bulletin boards? If you are creative and talented in that way see me for a site project! Entry Bulletin boards, I have ideas but I need your creative juices!

•Please ensure your classrooms are clean and orderly. This impacts student focus and learning.

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If the information is needed ( lifted from TCTA contract)

Our specific policy is to contact your evaluator/adminstrator by phone. A text is sufficient if you are too ill to do so ( see handbook), by 6 a.m. Please do not text both your team and administration in the same text regarding your absence. Also, enter your absence on AESOP regardless if a sub is needed or not. The statements below is from your TCTA master contract regarding reporting an absence and cover pay. Aesop is the current Subfinder. Username is:, password is your confidential PIN#

1. Teachers are required to report all absences directly to theSubFinder System or by accessing Sub Finder through theweb. Some site administrators may require teachers tonotify their site as well as SubFinder. This number maybe used to report an absence 24 hours a day. In order for SubFinder to work properly, all absences should be reported as soon as possible.

2. Morning absence report deadlines vary from site to site.Please check with your site administrator. SubFinder willnot accept any absences reported after 7:00 a.m.

3. If, for any reason, a teacher is unable to report theneed for a substitute in SubFinder in accordance with thetime set by their site administrator, the site administratormay, in lieu of the teacher, report the need for a substitute to SubFinder.

4. All absences must be reported in SubFinder. When calling SubFinder or accessing SubFinder through the web, theteacher should be prepared to enter the following information:

a. Pin number (5 digit payroll number).

b. Date (MMDD) and times of the absence. c. Reason for the absence

d. Is a substitute required? If a specific substitute isrequested, you must have the ID number of that substitute.

e. Are there any special instructions for thesubstitute, such as field trips, special needs, etc.?

When reporting a multi-day absence, please enter all absence dates for thisjob under the specific dates and times menu. Entering the absence underone job will ensure you the continuity of having the same substitute for alldays of the absence. When reporting an absence, always wait for the JOBNUMBER before disconnecting or your absence will not be recorded.

Teachers shall be required to report all absences directly to the buildingprincipal or his/her designee. If the teacher’s supervisor is a person other than the building principal, then the teacher’s absence shall be reported to that individual. Each principal or supervisor (if other than the building principal) shall furnish certified staff members with a written statement of the building administration’s requirements for the reporting of leave. At a minimum these instructions shall specify who to contact in the event of any absence and one or more alternative

contacts such as an assistant principal or the building secretary. The notice shall also specify that in the event none of the individuals designated can be reached the teacher shall phone the substitute hot line regarding his or her absence.

Teachers shall report an absence as soon as possible followingrecognition that he/she will be unable to report to work or will be tardy in reporting to work.

Teachers are required to notify the principal or his/her designee of anabsence or absences. Additionally, teachers are responsible for notifying the principal (or designee) of the anticipated length of an absence. Ateacher must notify the principal as soon as his/her return date is known. Asubstitute will be retained unless the principal or his/her designee isnotified by 2:00 p.m. the last school day prior to the intended returndate. In the event a teacher fails to notify the principal of an intent toreturn to work and the teacher and the substitute report on the same day forassignment, the teacher is subject to the loss of a minimum of one-half(1/2) day of substitute deduct pay.

Cover Pay

No teacher shall be asked to cover a class in the absence of another teacher when a substitute is authorized and available. When a classroom teacheris absent for any reason, and a substitute is not available, a teacher whocovers his/her class shall be paid at the lowest rate of pay for certificatedsubstitutes for each hour covered. Any teacher who covers another class,in addition to their own class, shall be paid as follows:

Teachers covering an entire class, meaning those students in attendancethat day, shall receive the lowest amount paid to a certificated substitute, for each hour covered.

When a class is split among multiple teachers the cover pay will beprorated among those teachers at the lowest amount paid to a certificatedsubstitute, for each hour covered.

Assignments to cover partial classes are discouraged.

Non-classroom staff, such as deans, counselors, nurses, and others, shallnot receive cover pay. Deans and counselors will not be asked to covervacant classroom positions for more than six days per semester. Timespent covering each other (deans and counselors covering deans and counselors; and nurses covering other nurses) will not count toward the six days per semester.

Deans, counselors, and nurses will not receive additional compensationfor performing training or other duties as assigned during their normal hours of work.