Kepler - 452B

Earth's cousin

Facts from Kepler - 452B

  • Considered the most Earth-like planet yet discovered.
  • It is the smallest planet yet discovered that orbits the sun.
  • It is located around 1,400 light years from earth.
  • It is 60 percent larger in diameter than earth.
  • Kepler - 452b has a good chance of being rocky.
  • the planet receives radiation from the sun.
  • it has no moon.
  • the force of gravity is twice as strong as on earth.
  • the planet is 5 times more massive than Earth.
  • You're bones get heavier, and its hard to adapt to.

Earth's cousin

Of all planets discovered so far, Kepler 452-b has been found to be the most suitable for sustaining life, even being called ''Earth 2.0''. There are obviously some problems that we will have to find a way to solve, but hopefully with our technology and the advances we continue to make, not only will we have the means and the ability to reach Kepler 452-b, but if need be, we will be able to sustain life on Kepler 452-b for ourselves and the generations after us.

Mohammad and Ryan

Earth and Kepler 452-b project