Dragon's Oath

By: P.C. and Kristen Cast

Main Character Information

The main character's name is Bryan Lankaford but during most of the story people call him by his nick name, Dragon. The reason why his nickname became Dragon is because he would strike like a dragon during a fight. Bryan is a confident, talented vampire who became a sword master when he was still a fledging. He was also very violent and had a bad temper before he met Anastasia. Then he became more merciful after he made his oath to Anastasia.

Setting of the Story

During most of this story, the setting takes place in early nineteenth century Oklahoma, but before Bryan left to America he lived in England.


A trouble maker named Bryan Lankford gets disowned and forced out of his country to America, but before he leaves something unexpected happens. He becomes sick and seems like he is near death, but then a vampire changes him into a fledgling and tells him that he will start a brand new life in America. Then years after leaving his old country England, he had become the first fledgling to win the title of sword master at the Vampire Games. He was then sent back to his House of Night in Oklahoma, where he meets the new professor Anastasia. Bryan and Anastasia were sent to the town nearby, so that the townspeople wouldn’t attack their House of Night. While creating a peace spell they were attacked by the sheriff, who was given powers from the man beast creature that he captured. Anastasia, seemed like she had nowhere to go, and was about to die, but then Bryan stabbed the sheriff in the back and killed him. Then Bryan suddenly dropped to his knees, and new tattoos started to appear that were shaped like dragons. He then knew that he had become a full vampire, and he decided to make an oath to Anastasia. His oath was to temper his strength with mercy, and to become her protector.

Authors' Background

P.C. Cast and her daughter Kristen Cast, are both award winning authors, who worked together to write this book, and the rest of the House of Night Series.

P.C. Cast

P.C. Cast novels have recieved prestigous awards like the Oklahoma Book Award, as well as the PRISM, Booksellers Best, Holt Medallion and many other awards.

Kristen Cast

Kristen Cast is an New York Tmes and USA Today bestselling author who teams with her mom to write the House of Night Series. She is a communication major and currently attends college at the University of Tulsa.

Personal Review

I think that this is a good book, but it was confusing at first. It was confusing because the first chapter was during the present time, and the rest of the story was a flashback. Even though the flashback confused me a little, I think that it made the story better, because it shows how Dragon and Anastasia met, and how he received his oath. I also liked that this story was in a 3rd person point of view, because it shows how Dragon and Anastasia met, and how he received his oath. I think that this is a great book, and I am glad that I choose it for this project.