Another Average Newspaper

Sandwich Massachusetts, Thursday February 11, $18.33

A 14th birthday

Yesterday was the 14th birthday of sandwich basketball and soccer player, Trevor Krueger. His day started as normal, rolling out of bed at 6 AM, to early for Trevor. He managed to get to school awake. It was another average day in school. Trevor gained great knowledge in school. "I came home and fell straight to sleep," said Trevor, " i was asleep for about 3-4 hours." For gifts, Trevor got a pair of "Jordan 1 CP3". Theses shoes highlighted his gifts. To top it off, he got a pair of turf soccer cleats.

Winter Storms are Causing Problems

Two large snow storms in the past week have hit cape cod. This caused multiple power outages and missed school hours. On Friday, The Sandwich School District had half a day, they missed all of school Monday, and a late start Tuesday. These Storms half caused a lot of problems in the past week on Cape Cod.

A Great Season

The 8th grade Travel B team has had an amazing season so far. Towards the end of the regular season, they have only one loss to a team they beat earlier in the season. They have given up less points than any other team and they have played the second most games. Led by Trevor Krueger, Michael Petit, and George Hood, this team is on track to a championship season.