Peek at the Week

Week of 3/21/16

An Attitude of Gratitude!

It has been a long month leading up to Spring break, but I'm grateful we were all able to support each other to be there for our students....

Special Thanks to:

- Mr. Miller-- who keeps us on track with our data and is there for each of us with out log ins and log outs and lost passwords

- Again to the Hiring Committee, Ms. Fowlkes, Mr. Takimoto, Ms. Walker and Ms. Morgan, who are going above and beyond to interview and watch demonstration lessons to bring on our new Glenview teammates

- Coach C. who came to the PTA meeting mtg last week and did a great job helping our parents deepen their understanding of our shift to restorative practices at Glenview

- Ms. Sanchez - For keeping our eyes on the wellness prize with our new staff Water bottles and the veggie/fruit box!

-For Ms. Smith and Mr. Miller for being “in charge" on days when Ms. Morgan and I are off site.

- To the fifth grade team, Ms. Schenker, Mr. Litt and Mr. Wolfe, who have been "leaning in" to support our soon to be middle schoolers with lots of empathy, parent communication and consistency.

- To Mr. Alexander and Mrs. Wong who have been helping with our Reading Professional Development this round

- To Ms. Sullivan, who never forgets the little things like cards and acknowledgements for all of our milestones and personal transitions

- To Mr. Alexander, Mr. Ross, Ms. Smith, and Ms. Fowlkes for hosting our central office visitors on Friday


This Week

Tuesday, SST Day

Weds, 3/23, PD 1:40-Room 10

Weds, 3/23, 6pm, SSC Mtg. (Ghazizadeh, WItte, Anderson, Toller)

Friday- No School!!!!

Coming Up

4/4, 3pm SEL Team Meeting

4/5, 3pm FC Meeting (Takimoto, Ross, Wolfe, Collins, Toller)

4/10 Orders Due to Ms. Lisa for 2016-17 School Year Materials


May 2-6 Teacher Appreciation Week

2016 Assemblies

4/29 Glenview LGBTQ Pride Day

5/10 EarthCapades (Environmental and Science Assembly) K-2: 12:45- 1:30, Grades 3-5: 1:50-2:35

Moving Minds- Instruction and Academics

2015-16 Oakland Unified Big Question of the Year

2015-16 Big Question

How are we aligning strategies for all targeted groups to ensure closing achievement gaps?

Feedback from Network Team Visit

On Friday, network superintendents from each OUSD region came to Glenview. After their visit to four classrooms, they met with Linda and I for a coaching session.

The team reported to us that they see a lot of evidence of our shift to common core and balanced literacy throughout the school including teaching points, conferring, and students reading at their independent levels.

They called out- Mr. Ross's use of Reading A-Z with students being given an opportunity to read non-fiction online at their level, Ms. Fowlkes mid-workshop check in with students (reportedly the only time they have seen that key feature of the workshop happen in all of their observations in the district!), Ms. Smith's clear teaching point and integration of social studies with reading, and Mr. Alexander's authentic use of anchor charts.

It has hard to believe we have only taken on Reader's Workshop for a year. I know it has been such a change from the days of Open Court and this visit was a unique moment to reflect and celebrate how far we have come!

At our PD on Weds. I will share more of their insights and next steps!

Professional Development Weds., 3/16/16

This week at our Weds. PDs we will continue to plan our Reading Unit together.


1) Your Lucy Calkins Reading Unit and resources

3) Your chromebook

Mindfulness: Collins

Free Online Videos Of Educational Hip Hop!

Umm.......I just re-learned how to divide fractions by watching my new favorite hip hop song- Flip, Change, Flip!

You can too!

More videos like this at Flocabulary on ALL Topics!

All OUSD educators currently have unlimited access to! We were granted extended access so you have plenty of time to explore and use their resources.

From the rep:

"Flocabulary has almost 800 videos of educational hip hop that help make content stickier and more relevant! Each video is supported by lesson activities, assessments, and more. This is a great tool to make learning fun and engaging, build core literacy skills, and help students master content across the curriculum. Videos and lessons are Common Core aligned."

CREATING AN ACCOUNT - Takes 2 minutes

Some schools already have site licenses. If your school doesn't, create an account by clicking this link:


Flocabulary has K-12 content across the curriculum: Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies, Vocabulary, Social Emotional Learning, Weekly Current Events, and more.

You can search for content by SUBJECT or by CCSS

Bay Area Writing Project- Summer PD Offerings

Want to Attend Math Conference in SF? Let Chelsea know!

Still Available- Anyone interested in this Learning Opportunity??

Teaching & Learning (T&L) has secured funding to invite each of our Elementary Math Teacher Leaders to a premier math conference, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) to be held in San Francisco this year, April 13-16.

Moving Bodies- Operations & Logistics

Big image

Orders for 2016-17

Orders will be due to Ms. Lisa by 4/10. At this point we have allowed everyone their annual $500 allocation.

Many of you have ordered the same order every year. Please remember that you will have minimal storage space at Santa Fe. And anything you order will need to be packed and moved.

We can always order more things when we get there if you need it, but I would encourage all of us to be thoughtful about ordering excessively.

Take the time to go through and think about what you will REALLY need for the first few months of school.

Also remember that any money we don't use to order items that are just excess can be put towards items we do need like books, intervention support, yard equipment, etc. etc.

Parent Communication!

Remember that two hours per month should be spent communicating with families. The Glenview expectation is a weekly newsletter or communication with your families letting them know what is going on in your classroom.

Mr. Litt continues his blog for his class complete with photos, school updates and info. on what they are studying. If you are interested in setting up a blog, ask Mr. Litt! It's an easy way to communicate with families (and saves paper!)

Found it!

Mr. Alexander

March 21-24

Mr. Miller

April 4-8

Ms Sullivan

April 11-15

Mr. Witte

April 18-22


  • Pick up clothes in lower and upper yards and hang in the auditorium
  • Put all "little stuff" (lunches, books, headbands, scarves, hats) in the box next to the rack in the auditorium
  • Extra - zip/button up sweaters and jackets
  • More Extra - arrange by size (great for those looking for a "small jacket")

Even More Extra - create a "Labeled" tag(s) that demarks a section on the rack. If your team finds labeled clothes, they can hang them in the labeled area of the rack.

Moving Hearts

Supporting A Child Who is Upset

This article had a lot of great things to say when you have a student who is upset or anxious (and since we ALL have at least one student a week who is in that place, it's a quick read!)

RJ/SEL Online Referral Form

Do you need RJ/SEL support? If you have a request for RJ/SEL resources, please complete the online RJ Referral Form. Questions? Please email