Luke's Bucket List (:

I love Donuts!!!!!!!!! ((((:

#1-Flyboarding (:

I would want to go Fly boarding with my friend Trey. A Fly board is this cool board that has a long hose that goes into the water and shoots it out of these boosters beneath the board. I would do this at Cozumel where the oceans carries the ocean floor away. I would do back flips and front flips. (:
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Flyboard - Coolest Water Jet Pack EVER!!!

#2-Sky Diving

I would go Sky diving with my dad cause thats what me and him like to do. The air can break down rocks and stuff and makes some really cool stuff. Thats where we would go. We would go to the canyons some where. It would probably be in Moab, Nevada. (:
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#3-Squirrel suit

I would do this with Trey mainly cause its on his bucket list. A squirrel suit is like a flying squirrel's skin. You just jump of a cliff and get ready for the ride. I would do this on some mountains where the glaciers carved out a big rugged path down the mountain. (:
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#4-Rope swinging

I would do this with my friends so they could push me off cause I would be scared to jump. I would do this in the canyons of Moab, Nevada cause it has rounded lopes carved from physical weathering. (:
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I would do this with my dad and sister. Its were you pack the stuff you need in a backpack and head out in the mountains or some other land form. In this land form wind and other physical weathering happens here. (:
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