Delta House, Inc.

April 2019


Issue 1

April 2019

Table of Contents

  • Message from the Delta House, Incorporated - President (Dr. Robin R. Davis)
  • Special “2019” Scholarship Honor: Ms. Stephanie Amaker
  • Maintenance Report: February & March 2019
  • Midlands Gives Challenge (May 7, 2019)
  • Save the Date: Delta House, Incorporated “40th” Anniversary – February 1, 2020
  • Giving Tree 2019-2020
  • Renovations to the Delta Life Development Center
  • Nominations to Delta House Incorporated Board (2019)
  • Future Plans: Building a new Delta Life Development Center
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Dr. Robin R. Davis

President's Message

Welcome to DHI Newsletter!

Delta House, Incorporated (DHI) is a non-profit organization that operates exclusively for charitable, economic, educational and social purposes in South Carolina. DHI was established in 1980.

During the past three years, Delta House, Incorporated board has worked diligently with me and our partners to improve the capacity of this organization internally and externally. DHI is dedicated and committed to serving to the Midlands community. Therefore, on April 20, 2019 – Delta House Board of Directors and partners will be distributing “Easter Community (food) Baskets” to thirty families in the following subdivisions: Gable Oaks, Hillandale and Willow Run. This is the sixth year that we have provided this service to families who may not be in a position to have a great Easter dinner with their families. We will be delivering the items directly to the families at their residence.

The work that the DHI Board does is definitely a call to “SERVE” and it has been a pleasure to lead this group of inspirational, visionary and motivated thinkers. In addition, we could not do this work without the faithful commitment of our donors. We thank you and encourage you to continue to support the work of Delta House by your volunteerism and/or financial contribution as we continue to make a difference in the lives of people in the Midlands community. Delta House, Incorporated was created to make an impact and to make transformational changes in the lives of the current and future generation(s).

Your dedicated servant-leader,

Dr. Robin R. Davis, President

Delta House, Incorporated

Quote of the Month: “Lord, grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish”.

~ Michelangelo ~

Delta House, Incorporated - Scholarship (2019) In Honor of Ms. Stephanie Amaker

During the month of March 2019, the Delta House Board of Directors unanimously voted to approve establishing the Delta House, Inc. Summer Enrichment Scholarship in memory of Ms. Stephanie Amaker. Ms. Amaker was a dedicated Delta House Board Director and served on the Public Relations Committee for Delta House.

Beginning in the summer of 2019, (2) $600.00 scholarship will be awarded to (2) students attending Summit Parkway Middle School; in order, to promote learning opportunities through a summer enrichment program in memory of Ms. Stephanie Amaker.

Scholarship Criteria:

a. Students must complete and submit an application provided by the DHI along with a signed waiver by a parent or guardian.

b. Students must have an 80% or above school attendance record for the prior year verified by attendance secretary or registrar.

c. Students must have a “C” or above average for the prior year and first semester of the current year.

d. Students must submit three recommendations from two current teachers and one school administrator.

Summit Parkway Middle School Principal – Ms. April Shell, teachers, and staff were honored to accept this distinguished scholarship on behalf of Ms. Stephanie Amaker.

MIDLANDS GIVES – May 7, 2019 (Tuesday)

DHI made history last year (2018) during our participation with the Midlands Gives Program. We raised $10,000.00 in one day. Delta House, Inc. is the first nonprofit organization that is affiliated with a Greek-lettered sorority, which was approved to participate during the 2015 Midlands Gives Program. This year (2019) will be the 5th year that DHI is participating with Midlands Gives.

Delta House Board has decided to set our Midlands Gives goal at $40,000.00 to represent “40” years of community service ($1,000.00 for each year that we have been in existence). It is our desire to complete a rendering of the “New” Delta Life Development Center and to use funding for future programs.


1) To reach the $40,000.00 goal we will need "all" of our faithful supporters to contribute $50.00 (or more) and have another person to contribute $50.00.

2) The strategy is to have 400 people to give $100.00 or you can contribute $50.00 and get two people to donate $25.00 this will fulfill the goal of securing $100.00. You can have your donors to reference your name when making the donation to Midlands Gives.

* Together we can reach the goal of securing $40,000.00 in one day: May 7, 2019.

The link to make your donation is:

Also, the Delta Life Development Center will be open on May 7, 2019, from 10:00 am-3: 00 pm to process your donations. We will have laptops set up to make the donation process easier for you and to ensure that you get your receipts via email.

Please contact your family, friends, church members or others and share on social media about the “ONE” day of giving to DELTA HOUSE INC.

Let’s reach our goal …. We can do it …. $40.000.00!!

Maintenance Report (February & March 2019)

Thanks to our supporters who make a monthly contribution of $25.00 or more to Delta House, Incorporated. Your support allows us to do the work that we do for others in the community.

Thank you!

Delta House, Inc.

Financial Secretary Report

February 2019 - Maintenance

Doretha Adams, Barbara Bailey, Blondie Bell, Delores Bellinger, Gloria Graham Boyd, Julia Campbell, Doris Cochran, Virginia Cofield, Mary Cooper, Robin Davis, Janice Dinkins, Shalela Dowd, Crissandra Elliott, Linda English, Mildred Evans, April Finley, Edith Fogle, Pamela Foster, Dorinda Huggins, Veronica Isaac, Norman Irvin, Veda Jeffcoat, Janet Kelly, Annie Lloyd-Camacho, Tara Martin, Tequila Martin, Mary McAfee, Lisa McCloud, Annie McDaniel, Brenda Mickens, April Morgan, Yvonne Pygatt, Bernadette Rogers, Jackie Weedon, Bendorris White, Evelyn Whitesides, Doris Massey Works and Vicky Young.

Delta House, Inc. Financial Secretary Report March 2019 - Maintenance

Muriel Anderson, Barbara Bailey, Julia Campbell, Annie Lloyd Camacho, Mary Cooper, Doris Cochran, Julaunder Davis, Robin Davis, Janice Dinkins, Tameeka Donald, Mildred Evans, Aneitra Gaymon, Angelina Harrison, Veronica Isaac, Iva Gaymon Jackson, Veda Jeffcoat, Fern Kelly, Rosena Lucas, Tara Martin, Lisa McCloud, Annie McDaniel, April Morgan, Madeline Pete, Natalie Ricks, Tiffany N. Richardson, Eleanor Savage, Jackie Weedon, Bendorris White, Evelyn Whitesides.

Youth Financial Empowerment Summer Camp (2019)

Delta House, Incorporated is preparing for the 2019 summer youth financial empowerment program that will be held nine days during the month of June (Week 1: June 10-12; Week 2: June 17-19 and Week 3: June 24-26). The camp is “Free” to youth between the ages of 11-18 years of age. The students will be provided “lunch” each day (at no cost). There is a nominal registration fee of $20.00.

This is the third year that Delta House, Incorporated has sponsored the financial empowerment summer camp in conjunction with partners like Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, South State Bank (Nathaniel Barber), South Carolina Small Business Administration, Keller Williams Realty (Valencia Westray), State Farm Insurance (Veronica Isaac), Bank of America (Merrill Lynch – Investments) and Best Properties (Doris P. Howell) .

We are opening up the summer camp to the entire Midlands community and surrounding areas and expect to have between 40-75 participants. Therefore, please share this information with friends and co-workers. The contact person for the Financial Empowerment Summer Camp is Ms. Janice Dinkins and she can be reached at Phone: 803.348.7662 or email: .

SAVE THE DATE: DHI 40th Anniversary (2020)

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Giving Tree 2019-2020

The Giving Tree is a way that you can honor someone that you want to in your life. You can purchase a leaf ($100.00) or a stone ($300.00) and place an inscription on the item you purchase. For instance, a DHI Board member purchased a Giving Tree “Stone” in honor of Ms. Stephanie Amaker on behalf of the entire Delta House Incorporated Board.

You can make a purchase of a leaf or stone any time throughout the year. Please contact Ms. Gloria Graham Boyd at email: /803.237.4142.

Updates/Renovations: Delta Life Development Center

Delta Life Development Center will be installing a new entry-way sign by the month of May 2019.

New phone number: Delta House, Incorporated new telephone number is: 803.995.4665

Delta House Incorporated - 2019 Board Nominations

The 2019 DHI Board Nominations will be accepted on May 1, 2019, and will close on May 21, 2019. If you are interested in applying, please contact Ms. Sheryl Dunning, Chair - Delta House, Incorporated Nomination Committee for more information.

Ms. Sheryl Dunning

Phone: 803.260.3224


Future Plans: Delta House, Incorporated

The Delta House Board of Directors has been actively working on exploratory plans to move towards building a new Delta Life Development Center by 2021. The board will be releasing more information as more plans are developed for the future of the DLDC facility.

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