Creating You StemScope Classes

Finally :)

Logging In:

Login to the StemScopes website:

You should login using your school username and password.

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Next Step:

Now at the top of your screen click on Students, then click on Default Section.

You will get the picture below.

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Now Click on Edit

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After you click on edit you will see the following picture.

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Go ahead and name your class. You do not have to add a description or course number unless you just want to.

Adding Students

At the bottom of your screen you should see this.

You will have to click on the box that says students. You will start typing in the names of your students and they will pop up. You simply click on the name to add them to your class. Nicknames will not work: Example, I call the kid Riley, but his name is Jon.

When all students from that class are added click on Update.

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Class 1 Created

When you click on update you will notice you can see the class you created. You can print your roster, view students usernames and passwords etc.

Students will login with their school username and password.

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Click on Sections at the top of the page to add another class.

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You will click on New then start the process over.

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