The Titanic and Why It Sunk

Chris Strombeck

Captain Smith

Captain Smith was 62 years old when on the Titanic. His responsibility was captain. Captain Smith did not survive the Titanic.

The Titanic

The Titanic was the largest ship of it's time, it contained 16 watertight compartments, and the ship contained about 3 million rivets that were all made of week sub-standard iron. The ships passengers were separated, pretty much the poorer you are the lower you are on the ship, so if your poorer you have a less chance of surviving a crash.

section 3/ disaster and rescue

Everyone on the titanic ignored the ice warnings and the titanic kept going, the titanic then scraped against an iceburg. Not many people could be saved from the titanic. Not even half of the people could have been saved because the lack of lifeboats.

Why the titanic sunk.

Captain EJ Smith was the reason why the titanic sunk. He thought the Titanic was to strong to be sunken. Also Captain Smith ignored 7 iceberg warnings!




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