Japanese Imperialism

Japan Conquers Eastern Asia

Causes of Japanese Imperialism

In 1853, the U.S sent ships under Commodore Mathew Perry to Japan to start trading with them alongside Britain, Russia, and Holland. The feudal system of Japan was abandoned because of the Western intrusion. In 1868, Emperor Mutsusuhito was throned as king. Japan adopted western ways, which would be known as the Meiji Restoration.

They wrote a constitution which involved making a better armed forces. They adopted western technologies and industrialized in under 50 years. Now they would imperialize other countries.

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In this picture the foreign ships are sailing to Japanese harbors.

What happened during Japanese Imperialism

In the 1870's Japanese warships with troops threatened the Koreans and struck at Korea's main port city, Pusan and also at Kanghwado, another port city. They colonized them and in 1878 a branch of Japan's Daiichi Bank was established in Pusan, encouraging more trade by Japanese merchants there. They also used Korea as a zone of defense in the Sino-Japanese war between Japan and China. They fought in these three wars and sought for natural resources. The three wars were the Sino-Japanese war, Russo-Japanese war, and the Korean- Japanese war. The Japanese won all three wars and surprised the world. After this, they made the treaty of Portsmouth, which gave the Japanese rights to the following: Trading rights in Chinese port cities, control of Manchuria in China, gaining protection from Korea, and also annexation of the island of Sakhalin.
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This picture is from the Sino-Japanese War.

Post-War Japan

When World War II ended, and Japan lost the war, they started to become occupied by the United States and was forced to give up their divinity and break up their armed forces. The United States gave them economic help to rebuild their infrastructure and introduced a parliamentary democracy to Japan. Now Japan is one of the greatest economic powers in the world and is compared to the United States.
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This picture is from the Russo-Japanese War.