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Weenie Martini Party

Come join the Fun at the Weenie Martini Party

Durning the Weenie Martini Party - 6pm Friday Sept28th (being held at the Humane Society). We hold an auction.

We will be auctioning off the dachshund's profile (not the dog).

Tickets for this event can be found at

If you come, please bring your dachshund so those bidding can meet him or her.

The dachshund that wins the "Auction Race" on Saturday will get 50 percent of the money that is raised at the Weenie Martini Party, the other 50 percent goes to the medical needs fund at the Humane Society.

Weenie Martini Party

Friday, Sep. 28th 2012 at 6-9pm

4550 Fostoria Rd Findlay, OH

Findlay, OH

Be the first to see the new venue and party with your friends

Just a few of the Dachshund Profiles you will get to bid on

6 pm cocktails are served

6:30 p.m food

7:30 Auction starts

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