Open House Smore

By: Sydney Ark :)

Earthquake PBL

In this project we built a model of a house and we made a wikipage. My team and I worked really well and we had a lot of fun building this. We made sure our house was nice and sturdy. For the wikipage we added pictures and videos of us building the model. My favorite part of the Earthquake PBL project was building the model becaus eit was really interesting. We used all of our supplies and we made a good two story house. The picture to the right shows our model being built!

Earthquake PBL Pictures!

Atmosphere 30 hands This link will lead you to the video!

In this project I made 9 different slides about climate change and global warming. I made each slide with a different color and backround. My favorite part was making all the slides with different titles and colors. I learned a lot about the layers if the atmosphere and everything in each layer. I also learned new words and key terms like climate change and the greenhouse effect. To the right is a picture of one of the slides.

Invention Convention

In the invention convention, we are learning about nonrenewable and renewable resources. My partner and I are having our project run by the electricity being made by running water. Water power, Solar power, and wind power are all renewable resources. My partner and I have also built a model to show how it would work. We have created The Water Powered Waste Turbine. This was a really fun project because I got to learn a lot about both nonrenewable and renewable resources. Building the model was exciting! To the right you will see our model in progress!

Optional Extra Credit This link will lead you to a time laspe of the model during the building process!

My favorite project was the Tony Stark PBL project. My team and I worked really hard on the wikipage and the model. The wikipage was fun but I think that the model was an exciting thing to build. We tested our model a bunch of times and it didn't break. Our model house looks really good and it was built sturdy. I liked this project because it was the most interesting and exciting! To the right you will see a picture of our finished model!