Spring Break Bucket List

Social Distancing Edition!

Spring Break May Look Different, But...

Spring break looks a little different this year, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring! How many items can you check off your list?
__ Make a card for someone that you can't see right now to give to them when you can see them.

__Spend 30 minutes in the sun.

__Have a dance party. Play your own music or dance along with Go Noodle.

__Have a movie night in your pajamas.

__Read a book that you've never read before.

__Help your parent/guardian prepare a meal.

__Build a fort.

__Have a picnic outside on your front porch or in your backyard.

__Listen to a free book on Audible.

__Find a spot at your home to organize and clean that you normally wouldn't clean.

__Take a virtual drawing class and draw various Disney characters.

__Create a new family bucket list.

__Grow those muscles! Have a family fitness day and try a new workout!

__Relax your muscles! Try out some deep stretching with Cosmic Kids.

__Learn and memorize how to say hello in 15 different languages with Go Noodle.

__Play charades or Pictionary with your family. Who will be the winner?

__Draw a picture/write a letter to your teacher. Show them at your next Zoom meeting!

__Make a list of things you are looking forward to after quarantine is over.

__Fill a family member's bucket by reminding them you love them.

__Host a family talent show. Singing, dancing, magic tricks...what talent will you bring?

__Look at old family photos and reminisce with your family.

__Play hide and seek with your family.

__Rewatch one of your favorite shows or movies.

__Go on a family nature walk.

__Try a DIY (do it yourself) craft using some household items.