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What Will You Keep?

Dear Friend,

As you know, my coaching practice is rooted in the concept of interconnection: we need one another freed up to bring our passion, smarts and story to an ailing world.

After a year of lockdown, you may be bringing different things to the world including new lessons and new commitments to yourself and others. Curiosity can be a tool for growth and change so I invite you to complete this google form asking what will you keep from the year spent away from your regular life. I will share trends in a future newsletter.

Today however, I share a delicious hack that will keep your strawberries sweet; shine light on three national organizations that can benefit from no longer needed items, and celebrate the creativity and entrepreneurship of a few clients. Other clients are in the throes of time management, virtual decluttering, diet and health issues and work/life balance. I love them all and, as always, I invite you to visit my website and contact me. I am starting to schedule fall workshops so keep that in mind as well.

Sending wishes for a safe and happy summer with new experiences enjoyed and old ones finally revisited.

-- Gari

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Make Friends with Your Health and Nutrition

As I complete my certification program with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I am grateful for all that I have learned and feel ready to officially add health and nutrition to my coaching portfolio. I invite you to sign up for a sample coaching session at anytime.

BUT, there is something more immediate that I want you to know: A GREAT STRAWBERRY HACK!

When you bring your luscious berries home from your local Farmer's Market (using this directory) immerse them in a 1 1/2 cup of water with a 1/4 cup of white vinegar added. For real!! It kills the spores that lead to bad things happening to your berries when you aren't looking. You can do this with all berries except raspberries. You want to place those right in the fridge and eat them soooon. All others will keep way longer once you bathe, rinse and dry them and I promise that they will not taste like vinegar. What a hoot!

Two more things: Strawberries are a good source of vitamin C, manganese, folate (vitamin B9), and potassium BUT they are also part of the "dirty dozen" with incredible exposure to pesticides on and in their flesh and in the soil they are grown in. Try to buy organic or local as much as possible.

(photo credit: "Strawberry" by Manchester-Monkey is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)


DeClutter to DeLight: Three National Resources for You

I am thrilled to share these resources with you. Each does good work to keep things out of the landfill and provide items to those in need. Please use these as prompts to move stuff out of your home, giving you some breathing room while giving others some breath. Don't know where to begin? Schedule a sample virtual decluttering session.

The Crayon Initiative takes your used, unwanted crayons, melts them down and gets them to kids in hospitals. The process is so thoughtful that they are even reshaped so as not to roll off hospital trays. AMAZING!!! Download their mailing label and get your unused crayons into the sweet hands of sick kids who will truly enjoy them.

I Support the Girls - I will shine light on this organization forever. The founder, Dana Marlowe is brilliant and fierce. The organization gets bras and menstrual items to people in need. Her work is far-reaching and includes people in the trans community, prisons, shelters and more. The link will take you to listings in your local area but roll around the website. You will see what a good idea can do.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore - Doesn't the name say it all, even beginning with the OG Habitat for HUMANITY. Then we get to ReStore/reuse/re-enliven>restore dignity. The link will help you find the location in your community. Donate unused items or consider shopping there.

Entrepreneurial Empowerment

It's happening! I am midwifing three new endeavors and serving as an accountability and brainstorming coach for the fourth. Keep your eyes open for:

Cooking from Memory - An extraordinary memoir/cookbook.

Rabbi Judith Kummer, Board Certified Chaplain: Spiritual Support for Life‘s Journey

Room to Move Co-op for dance, movement and bodywork practitioners

Mother Compost - a woman-owned business, moving into the next phase of growth.

Do you have an idea spinning in your head? Schedule a sample session to get the idea out and feedback in. It will feel good!

Crowdsourcing Delight: Learn a Little Something/Teach a Little Something

I am proud of the online learning platform I created but to everything there is a season and so it was time to sunset Crowdsourcing Delight - at least for now. I look forward to seeing how it may change or expand in the fall and I am grateful to the 25+ instructors I hosted and the 300+ attendees from around the globe who shared time, space, curiosity and more during our year of lockdown. Thanks to you all!