Being Safe Online

How to be safe on the internet

Don't give off any personal info

Giving your personal information can be dangerous because you don't know who is on the other side and what they will do with that information

Don't be a cyber bully

Being a bully is a bad thing but just because your online doesn't mean you can be a bully there.Cyber bullying is just as bad if not worse than normal bullying they can't escape from it even when there at home ,and you don't know how much it hurts for the person on the other side of that screen

Use Common sense on the internet

When you on the internet just use common sense if someone tells you to meet somewhere don't go.If someone asks for your phone number don't give it.If someone asks for your credit card number DON'T DO IT!

Other short tips

1.Be safe on the online

2.Don't be mean

3.Think before you post something

4.Protect your online reputation

5.Be forgiving of other's mistakes

6.Don't join in on flame wars they are useless

7.If your being bullied online ask for help

8. Ask your parents before you give anyone your email or phone number

9.Make your self look good online

10.Don' use chat fooms