abbbra and hearos (Abby and Heather)


  • Continent- North America
  • Oceans- North Pacific, Arctic, and North Atlantic
  • Countries near- Greenland, Alaska, USA
  • Capital- Ottawa
  • Major cities- Toronto, Montreal, Calgary
  • Size- 3.855 million mi2
  • Land forms- Arctic lowlands, Canadian shield, Interior plains, Lake Ontario
  • Natural resources- Crude oil, Gold-sliver, Oil sands, Iron


  • major industries- Agriculture, energy, technology, service, manufacturing
  • trade- cars, crude petroleum, gold
  • currency- Canadian dollar


  • Constitutional government
  • Prime minister- Justin trudeau
  • 23,000 soldiers, smart guns, M203 grenade launcher
  • Allies- United states, Britain
  • Enemies- Afghanistan, Brazil

Social Structure

  • Class system- rich or upper class , super rich or upper upper class, lower upper class, middle class, upper middle class.
  • religion-Christianity & islam
  • Ethnic groups- English and french iris
  • life expectancy- 81.24 years
  • Language spoken- English and french
  • Education- k-12
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