All about Buddhism and Hinduism

By: Nicholas Ciacelli

Have you wondered about your religion, or your friends religion?Have you ever wondered how they are diffrent and alike. well if you have, you can relate to Hinduism and Buddhism. They have many differences and a handful of similarities.

How Buddhism arriginated

Buddhism all started with Siddhartha Gutama. He once was a Hindu, but did not like the caste system and the rules, so he quit the practices. Siddhartha went on a quest to find out why humans suffer. After meditating for 7 weeks under the tree of wisdom, he found three answers which were wanting what we like but do not have, wanting to keep what we like and already have, and not wanting what we dislike but have. When he was 35 his followers started calling him the "Buddha" which means the enlightened one. If you wanted to be Buddhist you have to follow the four noble truths and the 8 fold path. In the 8 fold path it does not matter which the order you go in, you just want to reach nirvana, perfect state of peace.

Hinduisms caste and varnas

Hinduism is a religion with no known founder or date of origin. Hinduism is based off the caste system and the 4 varnas's ;it is very strict. The caste system is split up into groups based on wealth, occupation, and birth. the 4 varnas's are Brahmans which are priest, Kshatriya's which were traders, farmers, and craftspeople, and the lowest varnas is the sudra which were workers and servants. Which varnas you were in depends on which varnas your parents were in. If you talked or ate with another varnas you would become an untouchable ,untouchables are treated very poorly and had bad jobs. To be a Hindu you must follow these rules.

What are the differences between these religions?

Buddhism and Hinduism do not have many things in common, they do have a few. Like they are both religions, and come from India. These people believe in reincarnation. These are the few of the many things that Buddhism and Hinduism have in common.
Now you how to be a Buddhist and a Hindu. Theirs not many steps in following these religions.If you had to be a Buddhist or a Hindu which would you be?

world history by stanley M. Burstein Richard Shek

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This is the Buddha meditating