Anna Freud

December 3, 1895- October 9, 1982

A little about my life.

I was born in Vienna, Austria to Martha and Sigmund Freud. The school I went to was the Cottage Lyceum in Vienna for schooling. I was surround by 5 other siblings but the person I took well to was my father. I picked up Hebrew, German, English, French and Italian from my father and his guests.

My contribution to psychology and my historical impact,

I was much more closer to my father than my mother so I followed in my fathers footsteps and studied in the new field of psychoanalysis. For thoses of you who dont know psychoanalysis studies theories about human nature, motivation, behavior, development and experience. Melanie Klein and I focused on psychoanalytic child psycology. Some people refer to us as the founders of this field.

A fact about me that no one may know,

In my household it always seemed like a competition between my 5 siblings and I over who the better child was. Resulting from this, I developed depression and an eating disorder and was sent to health farms.

How my research is important to todays psychologists,

My work has contributed greatly to current psycologists understanding child psychology. In my work I also developed different techniques for treatments of children. I also found out that some of the symptoms that children showed were often relted to how the children developed in life.

My question for the other psychologists.

What year did I die?

What year was i born?

How many siblings do i have?