Media Literacy

Evan Caniff

Internet Privacy

2 Advantages

  • It is a lot simpler to share and you can do it with people across the world.
2 Disadvantages

  • Anyone can get a hold of what you share and you can get hacked.

Things to Keep Private

  1. Keep your password to yourself
  2. Your credit card information
  3. Any sensitive photos or even your Social Security Number


If someone posts something negative about you or uses information about you it could hurt you. It could cause you to be shunned by your peers, lose a scholarship or even fired from your job.


It's when you are being attacked and put down by others through social media on the internet. For example, someone posting an embarrassing picture of you and saying hurtful things.


It usually starts as just one or two people saying hurtful things. Then they get information from you like pictures and then getting more people to join. Soon, everyone seems to be against you.
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How to Stop It

  1. Speak out to a parent or an adult in your school
  2. Block people who are bullying you
  3. Only friend people you know won't hurt you
  4. Keep your account secure

Body Image

Yes I do think it's inappropriate. It's inappropriate because they are practically lying and bending the truth. They are taking pictures and changing them to effect people. Sadly it seems to be effecting people negatively.

Gender Stereotypes

The media negatively uses stereotypes about gender roles. I really think that it stresses people out because guys have to pretend to be tough and girls have to act clean. If you don't act like these stereotypes most people will put you down.
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Violence in The Media

Not just children but most people it desensitizes people to violence. Then something tragic comes up again and it seems like nothing and the same old same old. I disagree because of the fact that so many people play video games but the occasional 1 does something violent. It's obviously something more than a video game.

Media Usage

The only three things that would be tough to give up are my phone, PlayStation and Youtube. It would be hard just because of how much I use these and my phone helps connect with my friends and family. It just shows that technology is very useful. Yes it can be negative but I think there are more positives than negatives.

Peer Pressure

I think that some people feel pressured into acting certain ways on social media. They want to fit in and be cool like other people are so they act differently because of that. Girls are much more pressure than boys just because how sexualized their bodies are. Girls are attacked more for being unattractive or overweight.
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