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Feb. 12 Stinging Dust Forgotten Life

The Dust Bowl other known as the Dirty Thirties, was the time period where farmer's crops were not growing as well as dust storms. During this time period, farmers had a great amount of crops but that all changed in the early 1930s. The time where crops failed to grow, hot days causing droughts started to occur, and farmers moved out of state to find other jobs. These farmers were part of the cause of the Dust Bowl era. For instance, as the crops died out farmers had to replace them by digging out the old crop and inserted a new one. As doing so, the farmers yanked out the grass to its roots out of the soil without knowing the the grasses actually helped the soil be hold into place. Farmers continued doing this, causing damage to the soil, and the winds that pick up the loose soil creating dust storms. This was ongoing for at least 10 years, between those years some families had left the state to lie to a more economic one. All in all, the Dust Bowl period was one of the most devastating one of all simply because many families died due to the dust in all places, and also because of the loss of jobs and the desperate need for providing for the family.

Write about the fight scene 02/15/16

The fight scene was rather interesting and horrific to know how much strength Lennie has. This fight starts off with Curley, a character from Of Mice and Men, throwing a fit because of his wife always "disappearing" off to god knows where. At first he accused Slim for always being with his wife, but as he was arguing with Slim about this issue, coincidentally Lennie was remembering the farm he is going to have at the fatta of the lan' and smiling a bit. As the result of this, Curley got the wrong idea and thought Lennie was laughing at him, and so begun the "fight". The fight's results ended with Lennie having a bruised face and Curley having a broken hand in which he had to be sent to the hospital.