Teen Pregnancy

By: Kayleigh Beeding

Prenatal Care

  • Including tests
  • Diagnostic ultrasound
  • Doctor charges for 9 months of pregnancy.
  • Total would be about $2,000

Hospital Charges


Anesthesia charges

C-Section- estimated cost about $32,425

Vaginal Birth- estimated cost about $11,356


Include sick and well visits, all immunizations. Total coming out to be around $715 for a year.

Diaper Cost

Diapers will cost about $900-$1,500 per year.


Food costs include formula, baby food, frit, vegetables, and cereal. Food costs for a year will be approximately $4,600.

Furnishing a Nusery

Cost of furnishing a full nursery would be somewhere around $1,000.

Child Care

Child care costs for 9 moths so the mother can return to school are about $8,000. Mainly depending on where you are and what kind of deals you can find.

Other Essential Items

Other essential items would include a stroller, car seat, outlet covers, high chair etc. Depending on what store you go to your total will vary. But it will be around $500 for all of the items listed.