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Miss Breunig's Weekly News

Week of September 21st


I hope everyone had a great weekend! It was great to see so many of you at Curriculum Night last Tuesday! Thank you for those who were able to come out show your support. I appreciate your feedback from our presentation.

A few reminders…

  • I am not able to check email until after school each day.

  • Here is a link to our curriculum night presentation, in case you couldn’t attend.

  • We are not policing what your child buys for lunch. If you would like your child to purchase a snack/dessert only one day a week, you need to set it up on your child’s lunch account. We have noticed some children buying a snack every day so you may want to check your child’s lunch account. It adds up quickly!

  • Click the link below to sign up for your October conference. Pick a time that both you and your child can attend. Your child will be leading the conference!

  • Please remember to sign your child’s agenda every day. Keep an eye out for those ABC stamps!

  • Kensington will be starting a new incentive program with all students K-5. Each child will be receiving a spirit ring to clip on their bookbags, and as they earn “spirit totems”, they will add them to their rings.

  • I have noticed that students are making careless mistakes when bubbling their answers on their assessments. They need to make sure the answer they are circling on their test matches the answer they are bubbling on their scan sheet. Please take time to review this with your child so they do not lose credit for their hard work.

Last Week:

In Reading, we worked on showing our thinking by writing quality reading responses. We also started our mini unit on poetry. Your kiddos can start learning the vocabulary for their next assessment here.

In Math, we finished our unit on rounding numbers and estimating sums and differences. The students had their assessment on Friday.

In Writing, students finished drafting their personal narrative piece. They worked on adding interesting and reflective endings to their stories. They are not done however, because we talked about how good writers revise and edit their stories before publishing.

In Science, we learned about weathering, erosion, and deposition. The students started working on their posters. They should be studying their notes nightly to help them review for their test. They can also study at home by using our quizlet review. It should be noted that quizlet is only one tool to study with. Not all questions on the test are covered in the quizlet.

Next Week:

In Reading, we will continue to work on reading and understanding poetry. Students will have a chance to practice using imagery (five senses), visualizing what is happening in the poems by looking for descriptive words, and identifying the speaker's point of view by paying attention to word choice and tone. They will continue to work on their reading responses with their independent books. Your child can continue learning the vocabulary for their next assessment here.

In Math, we will start our new unit on patterns. Students will be able to generate a number or shape pattern that follows a given rule. Your child should continue to study their math notes nightly. Here are some videos that may help you and your child with patterns. Your child can sign in with their google password.

In Writing, students will finish drafting, editing, and revising their personal narratives. They will work with partners to see how to add details to their stories that may make them more interesting as they revise and edit.

In Science, students will learn how Earth’s surface can change rapidly due to natural disasters like sinkholes, hurricanes, volcanoes, tsunamis etc. I will model for students how to research for a news report that they will type on their Chromebooks. Students should be bringing home their science notebook every night to help them study, along with science websites for students, which includes quizlet. It should be noted that quizlet is only one tool to study with. Not all questions on the test are covered in the quizlet.

Upcoming Dates and Events:

9/22- W.E.D. Poster Due (in class assignment)

9/22 - First PTO Meeting (6:30pm)

9/23 - Teacher Workday - NO SCHOOL

9/25 - Reading Response Due

9/25 - Kensington Night at CHS Football game (6:30pm)

9/29 - Poetry Summative

9/30 - Earth’s Surface Changing Assessment

9/30 - Patterns Summative

10/5-10/9 - Fall Book Fair - details will come home at a later date