Violet - The Incredibles


3 Character Traits shown by Violet

Insecure and Shy

Violet is shown to be insecure because she wants to be normal and live a normal life just like everybody else does. She wants to be like everyone else, to blend in with normal people and not to stand out. Not to be Different. To hide herself from looking at her, she wears a dark blue sweater, dark blue pants, and her hair covering an eye, along with one quarter of her other eye. At one point in the movie, Violet screams out "Normal? What do you know about normal? What does anyone in this family know about normal? We act normal, mom. I wanna be normal! The only normal one is Jack-Jack, and he's not even toilet trained."

Violet is also shown to be shy. In the beginning of the movie, when the school bell rings to go home, Violet waits nervously behind a hedge close to the school front entrance. She waits for this guy she likes named Tony Rydinger. As he passes by she stares at him, and then when he turned around because he knew he was being watched she turns herself invisible whenever he looks her way so as to avoid attention. Another thing that kinda shows that she is shy is because she uses her hair to covers her eyes to hid herself.

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Violet showed that she is loving in a few different ways. One of them being, when Dash ran away to follow his mom, Violet ran after him to make sure he was safe and becasue she knows that he isnt old enough to keep himself safe yet. She cares about him and doesnt want him to be in danger.

In the same scene there was an another example shown of her being Loving. When she ran after Dash, she couldnt leave Jack-Jack by himself at home or take him with her, so being an older sister, she found and arranged her friend Kari McKeen to be a babysitter for him because she knew she can trust her.

Later on in the movie, when Syndrome's soldiers find her and Dash, the soldier uses dirt to find Violet once he had found her and was about to kill her. Dash stops the soldier from killing Violet. As Dash had saved her, a different henchman was about to kill Dash and Violet went out of her way to save her brother. In the same scene, Syndrome captures the entire family. The family was imprisoned, and it was Violet who manages to free everyone by creating a force field that disconnects the magnetic bonds. She manages to roll towards a computer where she easily released everyone's cuffs.

Violet is always concerned for the well being of her family, so she always tries very hard to help them. Which makes her a very Loving Character.

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Outgoing and Confident (Changed Character)

In the end of the movie, Violet was confident about herself. She was proud of who she is. She was so confident about herself because the thing which she hated most about herself was her powers was the thing that helped her save her family from danger and kept them safe. After being the reason, her family is still alive, she was shown
to wear brighter clothing, including a pink ribbon, a pink polo shirt, tan khakis and white shoes. She even wore a headband to put her hair back away from her face.

At Dash's track and field race, Tony Rydinger waved and said "You look... different". Violet replied by saying "I feel different. Is different okay...? ". "Different is great". Tony told her. Violet realized that she is who she is and she cant change that. Different is great. Everyone is their own person.

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