The Witches

Elizabeth Wojcik

By Rohld Dahl

This book is almost the best one I have ever read.

I thought that the end was really good. It is a little bit scary, but not much. In the book you feel like the boy is gonna have something good happen but really something bad happens.

The Witches also has sort of a mystery in it.

The Witches Book Trailer

I think this author is very creative and makes good books.

Rohld Dahl has other books such as, James and the giant peach, the BFG, and the magic finger. Those aren't the only books he rights that is just three of them. He has a lot more.

This is an awesome book and I think you should read it.

This book is about a boy and his grandmother and they move to England. The grandma comes from a country were these witches come from. The boy gets turned into a mouse because he snuck into a room were the witches were in. This book is very good and I enjoyed it a lot.
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