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Winter Break Is Almost Here!

I can't believe we are 1 week away from Winter Break! I have a Ton of updates from principals meetings today but I don't like delivering those through email, so I will take a few minutes and be brief at our Sequiota Christmas Party on Tuesday, so you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

All dates for the remainder of the school year are now added to the calendar!

Don't forget that Friday is "Ugly Christmas Sweater Day"! I would love to get some video footage of everyone on the playground in their sweaters to create a video for our assembly next week. Participation is optional. I am hoping to create a spin on this video created by a friend of mine...I am thinking some running (slow motion of course), swinging, going down the slide-whatever you can come up with! We can also do some video inside the building. I can record your grade level on the playground during plan time...etc. Then merge the videos to create a video :). Let me know what you think! It's good for your students to see you having fun, and being silly-they will LOVE it!

J Anderson mentioned some things in his weekly newsletter that I thought were worth mentioning below....

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Sequiota Building Wide Lexia Use August-December

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Lexia Use

I will start sharing monthly Lexia use in Magers Memo-our goal is to increase our use, which will in turn increase achievement. Thank you for being diligent in using the tech. you have to ensure students are on Lexia. Also, please remind parents that they can access Lexia at home to fulfill their weekly minutes!

Sequiota School Lexia Progress Report August-December

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Brenda is creative, not afraid to take risks, shares everything she creates and works great with everyone at Sequiota! Brenda is best at building relationships with her students. Brenda is able to connect with students in a way the motivates them to do their absolute best work while in her class! Brenda just completed 1 PBL and is all ready to launch her 2nd! The videos below are from the 1st PBL and the 2nd is her "hook" for the second PBL (please don't tell the students-they haven't seen it yet)! Brenda is a tech guru-not that it comes easy for her, but because she jumps in and figures it out on her own. Brenda is a hard worker and spends extra time planning engaging, personal and relevant lessons, because it is her passion. Brenda has truly mastered Guided Reading stations and plans GR lessons that are engaging for students but still meet the components of the FRIC.

Brenda's song is "Hit the Quan" might be wondering what's the Quan? Here is the definition: A dance consisting of a series of actions mimicking the rappers's words and sounds. The dance can be interpreted multiple ways and you can make your own moves, but it should include some form of stepping, squatting and arm movement.

Brenda: We are all mimicking your "Quan" because you've got it goin' on! (P.S. start practicing-we will be performing this at an assembly soon...:)

iHeart Memphis - Hit The Quan Dance #HitTheQuan #HitTheQuanChallenge King Imprint
1st Grade Holiday Shoppe
Move It!

Some NEVER Need to Repair-But Always Do

"One thing I notice about the best teachers is that they seldom engage in the behaviors that cause harm to students. They don't make cutting remarks or issue smart retorts. They don't run students down or embarrass them in front of their peers. Quite the opposite: The best teachers consistently compliment and praise students. Yet, though the best teachers seldom need to do any emotional repairing in their classrooms, they are continually working to repair, just in case." Todd Whitaker

A story that Todd Whitaker told was about a great teacher that started her class by apologizing if she was impatient with the class the day before. She went further to tell the class that she wasn't feeling well and was running late, and that she wanted to let them know how sorry she was if she was a little short with any of them. Her class was sitting there like deer in headlights. They had no idea what she was talking about-they thought the previous day was a great day! GREAT TEACHERS are sensitive to their students, and has established trust & credibility. As we have discussed before-THE BEST teachers have high expectations for others, but much higher expectations for themselves.

Sequiota School Calendar

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You now know how to fill buckets and prevent bucket dipping! We may revisit these strategies from time to time, but this will be the last message from "How Full Is Your Bucket". Please continue to fill buckets-and I will do a better job of filling your buckets too!

There are so many reasons to fill each other's buckets-we have some wonderful buckets at Sequiota! #proudindian #sequiotarocks #teamworkmakesthedreamwork


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