The Book Theif

Markus Zusak

The Book

The book begins on a train traveling through Germany, with Leisel and her mother as her brother dies. Why are they on the train? At first it was so both Leisel and her brother could go to a foster house but it ends with only Leisel there,she finds she loves her foster father more than she ever thought. As her days there progress to weeks and months she becomes friends with Rudy a boy who lives on her street. Rudy soon becomes her partner in crime as they start to steal books.

As there times go on there stealing gets more dangerous and turns to books instead of food. Leisel soon learns how to read and loves it when the jew shows up. Her father is helping him for a debt. She soon befriends him. What will happen? Will they get caught?

What I learned

These are some of the facts that I learned from the book.

  • In Germany towns were required to celebrate Hitlers Birthday
  • Germans burned a lot of stuff and especially books
  • Many Jews were taken from the ghettos they were forced into

4 out of 5

Who's the book for?

The book is for just about anybody who loves books and to read, if you are interested in Nazi's Germany and adventure this is the book for you.

Realistic Fiction