The life of Legend



Hello, it's me...Sarah Preston! I am 13 years old. I live in Branchburg, New Jersey with my family. My family includes my Mom who is always there for me and is a great cook. My Dad who like me is funny and outgoing and always is able to make me laugh. And my brother Sam, who is a senior in high school, he enjoys playing basketball and watching football.

Some of the things I things I enjoy doing is playing soccer. The team I am is Lightning and I play for Branchburg. We have recently moved up to one of the highest brackets for soccer and are in jags 2 which the the middle level. I also enjoy playing basket ball and dance (hip hop.) In my free time I like to hang out with my friends and listen to music. Most of all I love to hang out with my friends, who I have know for years, we all get along and just have fun with each other.

The Best Music EVER

In my free time I like to listen to music to make it that much better. And yes that means volume is fully on and I am completely belting out the songs like no body's business until my throat hurts. Some of my favorite artists include Taylor Swift, Adele, and Sam Smith. My favorite songs include

(The entire) 1989 album

(The entire) 25 album

We don't talk anymore

We are never ever ever getting back together

Can't stop the feeling

Rolling in the deep

Lay me down


Waiting for Super Man


Me too

Love Yourself

The Best Movies Ever

Besides listening to music in my free time I LOVE to watch movies. I can sit on the couch all day everyday watching movies. My two favorite actor's include Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, my favorite movies of their's include The Hunger Games series, Joy, The Hangover Trilogy, American Sniper, and Guardians of the Galaxy. My favorite movies other then these include

The X-Men series

The Last Song

Ghost Busters 2

Central Intelligence


Notting Hill

Now You See Me 1 and 2


The Age of Adaline

If I Stay

Over the summer

This summer I went to Ohio to visit my family. Nine of my cousins all came with my family to Ohio where my Grandma lives. As well as Ohio I also went to Ocean City, New Jersey for a couple days, it was really fun, I had donuts for breakfast, I eat ice cream every day and even went parasailing. But my favorite thing I did this summer was go on a cruise to Bermuda. While I was in Bermuda I went snorkeling, to Horseshoe Bay Beach with pink sand, And on that last day I went paddle boarding.

Out of my Mind

By Sharon M. Draper

This book is the one I read during the summer about a girl with severe palsy disease. The girl's name is Melody she is eleven years and she has never said one words, never taking her first steps, and never fed herself her favorite foods. She lives her life in a wheel chair all day, every day. Despite the challenges Melody faces everyday she is still the smartest kid in her school. How? You ask, well Melody has a photographic memory. Everything that has happened in her life since she remembers.

About the Author

Sharon M. Draper, born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1948, is a talented author who has written 32 books including out of my mind. IN 1997 Sharon had received the National Teacher of the Year Award She has also won the Coretta Scott King Award for books on African American experiences, not once, not twice, but six times. If you want to follow Sharon for more up dates click here.