Dos and Don'ts

Netiquette in the Digital World

Respectful attitudes and behaviors are appreciated and necessary for civility in a digital learning community. When communicating with others in the digital environment, it’s important to consider the following Dos and Don’ts when sending emails, posting messages, etc. The following are a few suggestions. There are many others that exist as well.

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Use bcc when sending emails to large groups to protect the privacy of individuals

Start emails with a kind greeting

End emails with a closing

Proofread emails for errors before sending them

Allow yourself some time to think before responding to emails that are not positive messages

Maintain a professional tone when responding and sending email messages

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Use all caps during email communication

Include the previous history of communication that do not relate to the main message that you want to express when forwarding emails

Communicate with a personal tone

Stray off topic – keep communication focused on the main point of the email

Don’t use the same responses in student feedback. Variety keeps information interesting as students view your communication.