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This week:

This Week in Kindergarten

Welcome to our first full week of kindergarten! I am so excited to begin our curriculum this week. The children are doing well adjusting to our routines and expectations in the classroom.

Please remember to send a snack for your child everyday. It is best to put this in a front pocket of the backpack so that it isn't accidentally eaten at lunchtime :).

Sight Words

This week's words are: the and we

Sight words are words the students should be able to read. Usually they can't be sounded out, so we need to just memorize them. Please practice these words at home this week.


We will be reading a book about rules at school. We will be focusing on concepts of print such as identifying front and back cover, spaces between words, reading left to right, etc.

We will also continue working on reading to ourself quietly (which mainly is looking at the pictures right now).


We will start writing in our writing journals this week. Our focus will be drawing a picture and then trying to write a letter or letters or even a word to go with our picture. Please practice this at home too!


We will begin unit 1 in math. This involves counting up to 5 objects and also knowing that numbers 1-5 can be arranged differently but still equal the same amount. Practice counting objects at home.


We will learn letter sounds for the letters p, b, d, and t.