Humanities Update

Week Beginning Monday 13th January


Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who helped in trying to avert the maternity cover crisis until half term and has helped to keep an eye on / sort out technology for Vince's classes. It was a busy start to them term that I'm not sure we anticipated!

Hopefully things will calm down this week although there is a BPCPD on Wednesday and a faculty meeting on Thursday in H2. The agenda for this will be sent out on Tuesday, with items including KS4 and 5 progress. If there is anything else you would like to discuss please could you let me know before Tuesday breaktime.

A quick reminder that our faculty day on Friday 14th February will focus on differentiation which fits in nicely to the Week Beginning that came out on Friday. If you want to get a head start about thinking about differentiation, this differentiation deviser might help.

On Friday we say goodbye to Jenn until June as she enters the world of sleepless nights and CBeebies and we hope everything goes well for her.

Have a good week,



Don't forget that your yr 11 Trial results and predicted grades are due to be on Go4Schools by Wednesday.

Can you make sure that your predicted grades follow Sean's advice about consistency and reliability. During the HoF meeting on Thursday, Will asked for subjects to ensure that the Trial exams offer a true reflection of student progress, so their trial result should be given weighting in the markbook that reflects the final exam's contribution to the GCSE grade. For example, if the final exam is worth 70% of the GCSE grade, it shouldn't be worth 5% of the Go4Schools grade. They don't have to match up, but should be a realistic representation.

Also on Go4Schools, this is the final week of Post 16 reports. HoS will soon be asked who will be checking the reports, so can you start to think about that please.

Yr 11 Trial Results

Thank you to everyone who has started to follow up the trial exam results. I already have a range of students booked in with me on Tuesday to retake their exams, and Martin has some in the Year 11 Study Support session on Thursday in the LRC.

If you have not asked me to carry out your resits, I am assuming that you are running them yourself. I still have a large pile of red Humanities review forms so if you need any then please let me know.

One student that I teach has already said to me 'I didn't think you would actually make me redo the exam. I should have revised a bit more', so hopefully it is making an impact that these should have been taken seriously and this is beginning to trickle down to Year 10 who are asking about it too.

On behalf of the couple of questions I have had about the possibility of Year 12 / 13 trials, I have asked Jason a couple of times about them but have had no response. When I hear something, I will let you know.

Folding exercise book pages

I came across this idea for folding exercise book pages to give work more impact. It won't work for every lesson, but it's an interesting way for students to think about different ways to present their work.

More information and ideas about this style of presenting work can be found here (along with lots of other teaching & learning ideas):

UK EDchat magazine Issue 1

This is the first issue of the UK EDchat magazine which is a development from the Uk EDchat community. This issue focuses on digital learning, higher order thinking skills, branding your classroom and ICT magic.

They have also produced this infographic on the importance of literacy across the curriculum.