December 2015

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Hi Team-

I hope that this final newsletter of 2015 finds you doing well and having survived the first part of the holiday season. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and it was a time for me to be completely blown away and thankful for many things, including each one of you!

I know that I say it often, but I really appreciate our team so much! Most of you know that this "oil thing" is my full time job, but when I started this almost 2 years ago I had no idea just how much this gig would change my life. I rarely talk about the financial benefits dōTERRA has made in my life, but they are amazing, and I was BLOWN AWAY last month! It was the largest month EVER... by a huge margin, and that is mostly thanks to all of you for using the oils and sharing them with your friends and family. Seriously! I had no idea it could be this good... and this month is going to be even better! So, thank you!

If you are ending this year with a feeling of needing something more, financially, emotionally, vocationally... please talk to me! It will never be pushy, but this dōTERRA opportunity is bigger than I dreamed, and I want all of you who are interested to get in on it! If I can do it, I PROMISE, you can too!

Have a wonderful Christmas! May all your days be bright (and lacking in freezing temps and snow- except on Christmas morning). And may your dreams for the New Year come true!

Stay Healthy,


I will be out of the country for the latter 1/2 of December and the first 1/2 of January visiting my family! If you need to get a hold of me, please try email or FB Messenger first as I will have wider access to communication that way than via traditional text!

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