Panther Updates

News, Resources and Learning for Panther Staff, 6/5/17

Congratulations to Our Track 1, 5th Grade Graduates!!!

Congratulations to our Track 1, 5th Grade graduates. There will be a celebration in their honor this Wednesday, June 7th at 9:30 in the gym. We applaud their accomplishment and wish them continued success in middle school. The graduates and their teachers will join together for a final walk of the Pleasant Union hallways immediately following the graduation ceremony. We will announce after the graduation ceremony is done so your students can line up in the hall outside your room to applaud and say goodbye to our fifth graders somewhere between 10:15-10:30. A reception for the students and families will held after the walk.


Pleasant Union Accepted as Global Model School

Pleasant Union was accepted as a Global Model School. We have been invited to a Global School Model Symposium on Thursday, June 22 at the Durham Civic Center. If you are interested in representing your team at the event please let me know by Tuesday, June 6th so I can register you. Once you have been confirmed you will need to arrange for a sub. We will fund the sub as professional leave.


Grades K-3, Tracks 2 and 4 Field Day This Friday

This Friday, June 9 K-3, Tracks 2 and 4 will have their Field Day. If you are on the participating tracks please encourage parents to volunteer using the volunteer link posted in the Sunday Message. Also, remind your students to bring a change of clothes and a towel.

News of Note

Volunteer Breakfast on Tuesday, June 6th: Please plan to stop by the Volunteer Breakfast on Tuesday to thank our volunteers for a job well done this year. Alert front office staff what 10 minute period you would like to attend so that we can arrange coverage.

Donuts for Dads on Friday, June 9th: Donuts for Dads is this week from 8-8:45. Please plan to stop by to thank Dads for coming out and supporting the students in your class.

Schedules/Room Usage Plans Input Needed: Mrs. Fricke will be circulating to each grade level during your planning period on Tuesday to discuss schedules and room usage plans in light of our having at least 29 homeroom classes next year.

Supervision, Punctuality, and End of Year Activities: At recess, please circulate among the students to help mitigate situations that can result in injury or poor behavior. Do not allow students to be aggressive during play, and have students sit out that do not comply with your requests. If an "organized" sport has too many participants for safe play, the activity must cease. Remember that students cannot be required to walk or run laps as a punishment or the result of poor behavior (WCPSS & State Bd. of Ed. Policy). A child can be required to sit out of recess, however. If a child is sitting out, the child can choose to walk if the teacher allows it. In addition, be cognizant of your scheduled recess time, and make efforts to be on time and to leave the outside space on time so as to be respectful of other classes and to avoid over crowding. End of year activities should defer to activities that are already scheduled, such as recess. if there is a conflict. Be sure to check the End of Year Activity Spreadsheet sent out by Ms. Britt to avoid issues and to communicate with those involved.

Great Examples: This past week, two opportunities to support PUE and our students occurred. The first was the Family Fun Night activities on Tuesday at Milton's Pizza and Goodberry's. Many teachers came out to eat and mingle among the parents and students. Students were thrilled to see teachers and other faculty out and about- "There's Mrs Nanni! There's Ms. Rich!" were frequent comments, In addition, the Before and Aftercare Faculty arranged an outing for 5th graders in the program at Frankie's Fun Park. Students had a blast, and the relationships the BC/AC faculty have built with the students and parents is a testimony to the effectiveness of leading with "your heart." Thank you all for what you do that is above and beyond for our students.

Specials Information:

on Field Days: Field day for Tracks 2, and 4 for K-3 will be June 9th. IF YOU HAVE FIELD DAY ON JUNE 9TH, YOU DO NOT HAVE A SPECIAL ON JUNE 9TH.

for Graduation Days: On graduation days, specials will BEGIN at 1:10. This means, that on June 7th ONLY K-2 will have specials. On June 30th ONLY 3-5 will have specials.

Track 2, 3,& 4 Retention Forms

Please complete this form and attach any supporting documents to Kevin by Thursday, June 15th in preparation for the final Retention Committee Meeting on Thursday, June 22. Please alert Mr. Biles or Mrs. Fricke if parents will be attending the meeting as we want their input as part of the retention consideration process. We will attempt to arrange this meeting during your specialist planning periods. Remember that if the student has not been reviewed several times by the Intervention Team this year they will not be considered for retention UNLESS there is a special circumstance attached to late enrollment, etc. Students on the consideration list are students that had Consideration of Retention letters sent home in February and that you have shared ongoing concerns with the student's parents in face to face conferences.

End of Year Activities:

Last Call: Ms. Britt has compiled a list of end of year activities. If you have additional activities, please make sure to let both Ms. Fricke and Ms. Britt know, so that your activity is included. If you need to change your activities, you will be contacted. In general, MAKE SURE THAT WE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND WHERE, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE REQUESTING SPACE OUTSIDE OF YOUR CLASSROOM. It is embarrassing and upsetting to cancel an activity before it begins due to a lack of space or because an activity isn’t permitted.

State Health Plan Confirmation:

If you are on the NC State Health Plan you should have received a letter from the NC State Health Plan to confirm if you have dependents on your plan by July 31, 2017 for them to continue on your plan. Please see Kaye if you did not receive your letter.


Duties below are for the Week of Monday 6/5-Wednesday 6/7 Track 2 OUT AND Thursday 6/8-Friday 6/9 Track 1 OUT:

  • AM Hallway- Blocker M-W, Shipley TH-F

  • AM Carpool- (Put out cones to block carpool through-lane at 8:45) Fitzgerald M-W, DeCain Th-F

  • AM Breakfast-Ward M-W, Brown Th-F

  • AM Bus- (Write down bus arrival times) McEwen M-W, Lavin TH-F

  • Lunch- Fitzgerald, Crum Lavin, Renfrow, DeCain, McEwen, Roberts (if on campus,) Newman, Bednar M-W,Fitzgerald, Lavin, Renfrow, Wilburn, DeCain, Brown, Newman, Bednar, Chavis (if on campus) Th-F

  • PM Hallway- (corral bus students and supervise) Whitley M-W, Barber Th-F

  • PM Carpool- M-W Roberts (if on campus,) Bednar, Perry/Cooper, Crum (Perry- Call car numbers beginning at 3:40 PM, Roberts/Bednar in the cafeteria, Crum/Cooper (if needed) outside with students/safety patrol.) (Bednar- Please get the speaker out of the office conference room to set up in the cafeteria.) Th-F Hymel, Wilburn, Renfrow, DeCain (Hymel- Call car numbers beginning at 3:40 PM, Renfrow/DeCain in the cafeteria, Wilburn outside with students/safety patrol.) (DeCain- Please get the speaker out of the office conference room to set up in the cafeteria.)

  • PM Bus- M-W VanAntwerp, Th-F Stunda