Baleigh Cowell

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Baleigh Cowell's Life Story

Baleigh Cowell is from a book that i'm reading called " The Secret Daughter Of Simon Cowell."

I'm writing about her because she has some problems in the book that she has to over come.

Baleigh Cowell is 18 years old when she is in the book. She was born in Ohio. She was currently living with her dad Simon Cowell and the boys from One Direction. She was overwhelmed by all the fame, she didn't like it, so she started to cut herself really deep. When she got out of the hospital she quickly checked her phone and saw all of these mean hate comments. As soon as she got home she cut herself one more time but not as deep.

She overcame her problems by talking to friends, family and counselors. She got really overwhelmed with fame because she kept that her dad was Simon cowell a secret and lived a normal life in Ohio, until she was 18. So after a couple months of talking to people she got a ton of hate comments but she learned to ignore them. She also learned that she didn't care what they were saying because she knew it wasn't true.