Brain's Winter

Author,Gary Paulsen. Sequel to award- winning novel Hatchet


Thirteen year old Brian Robeson gets trapped alone in the Canadian wilderness, with only a hatchet to arm him.In the book Hatchet, he gets rescued by the end of summer but this book shows what would happen if he hadn't been rescued. Brian knows how to survive but must learn to adapt to the climate change. He must also learn how to protect himself from animals such as wolfs, moose's, and bears. Brian learns new tricks such as making leather, hunting for bigger animals, making stronger weapons, and about science while being stuck in the wilderness.

Leading Characters

Why I like/disliked about the novel?

  • I liked this book. I think I would have enjoyed the book more if I read Hatchet before this book.
  • My favorite part about the book was when the bear was attacking Brian, then skunk came and saved Brian's life by spraying the bear in the face.
  • If I could change something, I would change the ending, because even though the ending was good, it was predictable.
  • What I liked about Brian's character was that he was brave. He never gave up and he was always excited when he learned new things the wilderness.
  • I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure or likes reading about hunting. I would also recommend to read Hatchet before this book.

This book is adventures, detailed writing, curious, dramatic, and interesting!

The Writing/ Language

  • Written in third person
  • Very detailed
  • Colloquial language (everyday)
  • Level of language makes it easy to understand
Figurative language:

  1. "The meat stored safely in the rear and the pot set aside from the fire for the night (still half full) he felt like the richest man on the earth." (Page 49)
  2. "The snow was small and hard at first, driven needles that seemed to cut this cheek when he looked outside." (Page 87)