Welcome to Onslow County, NC

Located in Jacksonville

Onslow County? What in the world is Onslow County?

Onslow County, which was founded in 1734 and located in the Coastal Region, was named after Author Onslow, who was the speaker of the British House Of Commons. There is plenty of things to do for fun in Onslow, like going to the widely known beaches, or visiting Lynnwood Zoo, and even go to Freedom Fountain!

Is there anything historical in Onslow County?

Onslow County is know for having the oldest continuous USO in the world. You can also visit Huggins Island fort, which was burned by Union troops in 1862. Don't forget Verona cemetery, which was built for the African Americans who were buried at Camp Lejeune.

What are some important things about the county's government?

The City of Jacksonville is the county seat. Jeffery L. Hudson is the county manager who serves as the administrative arm of the County Board Of Commissioners. Five people serve on the Board Of Commissioners: Paul Buchanan, Barbara Ikner, Jack Bright, W.C. Jarman, Lionell Midget.

What are the surrounding areas??

County's that border Onslow are: Jones County, Carteret County, Pender County, and Duplin county.