Drug free

scott strode

scott strode and what he has done to help my community

He helps people to not do drugs and do something else like climbing and biking. Scott Strode helps many people in many communities around the country.


Meet Scott Strode, top CNN heroes- Background Information

After almost dying of a drug overdose, he hit rock bottom. He had used cocaine, alcohol and other drugs. Finally, he started exercising and working at a gym and overcame his addiction. Finally he became a CNN hero.www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/cnn.heroes/2012.heroes/scott.strode.html

Impact on the Community

More people will be drug free and the community will be healthier.www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/cnn.heroes/2012.heroes/scott.strode.html

What can I do to help my community?

I can tell people to not do drugs and go the gym instead. I will stay drug-free. Everyone who stays drug-free helps their community. Join me and Scott strode and be drug free.