Differentiation Unlocked

The Key is Thinking Outside the Box


Debi Bagby - Instructional Coach, Harnett County Schools


Kim Marone - Gifted Education Specialist, New Hanover County Schools


We know what differentiation is not, but what is differentiation?

What does differentiation look like in the math classroom?

Typical Math Class Schedule

Mini Lesson - Whole Group

Workstations - Small Groups (3-4 groups depending on class size)

writing to explain (RAFT activities), real world problem solving (using blue prints of a house to determine area of rooms), projects, independent work,

working with the teacher, math journals, math literature tasks

Fact Fluency - when students encounter a math problem the focus should be on what the problem is asking, not how to multiply 6x7

Collaboration/Share with the group - discussions, inside/outside circles, think-pair-share

Ticket out the door - exit cards, "tweet" what you learned

Have a Vision and a Plan

Caine's Arcade 2: From a Movie to a Movement


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Let's take a wild ride on a R.A.F.T.





Why use it?

  • Encourages higher level thinking by making connections beyond the surface level
  • Allows for student choice
  • Enhances students' understanding of different points of view


R - Volume

A - Area

F - Create a set of blue prints

T - I am coming to visit, do you have room for me?

R - Square

A - To a rectangle

F- Genealogical Tree

T - How and why are we related?

R - Decimal

A - Fraction

F - *Select Format from list below

T - How are we alike?

R - Liters

A - Pints

F - *Select format from list below

T - How are we similar?

* Choose one

write a letter, create a poster, write a diary entry, write a speech, write a thank you note, create a brochure, create a news story, give a telephone dialogue, write a poem, give an undercover report, prepare a public service announcement, create a postcard




Great Teamwork Video - Very Fun to Watch


And the Big Bad Wolf Huffed and he Puffed and he...........

There are multiple ways to solve a problem, but what is the most effective way to solve the problem?
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Thank you! Good luck on your journey thinking outside the box! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.