Ferdinand Magellan

He represented Portugal

He later relocated to Spain to seek royal support for his venture to the Spice Islands

In 1519

Magellan had his lead ship accompanied by 4 other ships left on a long and dangerous expedition.

Why was the voyage undertaken?

He wanted to find a strait that would allow passage through South America.

Challenges Faced

The only ship that came back from the voyage was the Victoria and it came back three years later. The ship was carrying 18 out of the 270 voyagers.

Evidence of Persistence and Risk Taking

He killed a captain of one ships and left another on Port San Julian. He lost another ship called the Santiago due to a shipwreck during a terrible storm.

Results of Exploration

The globe could be traveled by sea and that the world was much larger than imagined. He named a strait after himself which is what he was looking for.