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Special Edition: GMAS info for Digital Learners


Richards Middle School will be administering the Georgia Milestones Assessment (GMAS) in-person to our digital learners during the months of April and May. Students who elect to continue all-digital instruction may participate in this assessment.

Testing Dates

Please note the dates of the test for your student. In order to complete the GMAS, digital students will have to come to school for all sections of the test. Students in sixth and seventh grade wishing to take the test will come in for three days; eighth graders will require up to six days to complete their tests.

Richards MS Milestones Calendar

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We are offering TWO options for student transportation on test days:

1. Car riders: Students who are taking the test may be dropped off in the car rider lane from 8:55-9:05 AM and picked up beginning at 3:55 PM

2. Bus riders: Students may ride the bus. Get on at your bus stop. We will provide a bus pass for afternoon transportation home.

**Students who arrive late on testing days may not be admitted to the test.**

In-School Testing Locations

Digital students will test in their homerooms with students who are in the building. Once testing is complete, students will transition to their classes as though they are in-person learners.


Students will have the opportunity to have school breakfast and lunch while they are in the building. Meals during the 2020-2021 school year are free for everyone.

What are the options for my digital learner?

Digital learners are NOT required to take the Milestones. While we welcome you into the school, we understand that you may not be comfortable having your student come to school at this time. If you have questions or do not want your student to test, please send your student’s name and GCPS ID number (that they use to log in to eClass) to

If you want your student to take the Georgia Milestones Assessment, please see below for registration information.

To Register

Please click on the link to complete the form so that we have an accurate count of students wishing to take this assessment: