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Importance of Rape Kit Testing

Writing to pass comprehensive legislation that will address our state's lack of accountability regarding the rape kits waiting around in police and crime lab storage facilities can make a big difference in someone's world. Such legislation would ensure the counting, tracking and timely testing of every kit booked into evidence and connected with a reported rape. Our law enforcement agencies must commit to investigating rape cases thoroughly and moving more cases forward to prosecution. This critical investment will save lives, prevent suffering and make our communities safer.

Today, I urge you to write to the State House Representative, Thomas Taylor, explaining the importance of prioritizing rape kit testing because this concept usually goes right over people’s heads. It seems like something that is a minuscule problem, when in reality, domestic violence and sexual assaults occur every day. Bringing to his attention what this could do to help these victims who have survived can help him realize how big of an issue this truly is. The fact that this has happened at all is tragic, but these people have been given the opportunity of fate to survive. The least we can do as a community is give them the chance to help prevent this from continuing. No one ever deserves to have their human dignity violated, but as a society, we need to give a voice to those in need by creating a way for them to investigate on the crime, and promote justice for those who deserve to be helped. Through writing to Thomas Taylor, you advocated for a cause which is of high prominence in our world today.

Creating Loving Environments

Domestic Violence is morally unjust in being that the rights and dignity of people are being violated by those who don’t understand this concept. A cohesive and operational family is essential for healthy development in one’s life. Creating obstacles through abuse, verbal abuse, or disregard for other’s feelings creates a feeling of sorrow and unhappiness that no child or adult deserves. Understanding that these victims need help is an idea linked with call to community. God calls us to care for our “brothers and sisters of Christ” in order to continue to promote the common good and help one another out in times of need.

We learn our first words, right from wrong, and how to forgive all within the walls of a home. Constructing an environment where violence is absolutely under no circumstance ever the answer can help to decrease the rate of children building up so much irritation inside them where they end up taking it out on others as an adult. Having a loving and sympathetic family can help children grow to love one another and show respect to those around them. It’s essential to help children understand moral from immoral actions and thoughts.

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