The Scorch Trials

Written by: James Dashner


The beginning of the story takes place when the boys first get to WICKED after the Maze. They are stuck in there with no food. Then one day a man appears with a lot of information, then disappears. The scariest part was that they are only on the second test in the trials, and they have to try and survive a deadly disease. The next trial is the Scorch. The Scorch is on earth, but it's been over powered by the sun. What the boys and some other visitors need to do to escape is make it to the end of scorch in two weeks and leave to a safe haven on a plane. Read "The Scorch Trials" by James Dashner to find out if they escape the second trial.

The Flare

The Flare is a deadly disease mad by a man. it was accidentally released. At first it was made to be a weapon, but it started to spread. First it causes rashes and spider veins. Then hallucinations and insanity. Finally comes death. The people who get infected lose their nose, but nobody knows why. Also, they call them Cranks because they become insane and cranky. At first, Brenda and Jorge are cranks because they were found in the crank city in the Scorch. Then they discover they are immune. Immunes are people who become immune to the disease meaning they can't die from it or get side effects. They also discover that they rest of the Gladers are immune to, accept Newt.


Theme: Keep on trying until you reach your goals

Description on Theme-

The Gladers never gave up on getting out of the Maze. They searched for three years until Thomas came. Now, they can't afford to give up on getting out of the scorch trials. They need to end this once and for all.


Point of view-3rd person limited


  • Thomas was sure that escape from the Maze would mean freedom for him and the Gladers. But WICKED isn't done yet. Phase Two has just begun. The Scorch
  • Thomas's mind spun, and it took him a moment to realize that warm, wet fluid was covering the hand that was resting on the ground. He freaked.
  • Thomas felt the same way as Minho



  • Thomas groaned, then said it. "His head wasn't a head. It was like a...a big... metal ball!"
  • "What are you talking about?" Minho asked.
  • "Didn't you hear it rolling away right after he stopped screaming? I know it-"
  • "It's right here!" someone shouted
  • "I heard it roll over hear. And it's all wet and sticky. Feels like blood." Newt exclaimed

Figurative language


  • Above their heads was a big glob of liquid silver was coalescing, seeping out of the metal as if melting into a large tear drop.
  • Now its edges were creeping down like thick syrup.
  • She spoke to him before the world feel asleep

Figurative Language 2-

What figurative language does is give more detail to the text to explain more and get the reader to understand what the author is talking about.