by anthony jaimes


The Scottsboro trial was a court case against nine black boys. The boys were on trial because they were accused of raping two young white girls on a train. The names of the girls were Victoria Price and Ruddy Bate. It was believed that the Scottsboro boys did not commit the crime. When the girls were asked individually   what happened their stories were not the same. Also, there was no sperm found in ether of the two girls. The two girls that were raped were actually prostitutes. Once news about the case was released, a lawyer named Samuel Liebowitz defended the boys. Samuel tried his best but the boys were still convicted. The case went to court several times and the nine boys were finally released, but they served ten years in prison.


The Alabama jury believed the boys was guilty of raping the two young women and that they should be charged for the crime because of their race. During the segregation period it was considered immoral to be on an African Americans side. Even though there was no good evidence that the boys were still considered guilty.


The Tom Robinson court case and the Scottsboro court case are comparable because of the charges. The cases both involved someone lying about being raped and they both had an all-white jury. Also there was no good evidence proving that the girls were even raped and both plaintiffs had their stories confused. Last they were both convicted for their crime. They are different from each other because the Scottsboro boys went to court several and Tom went to court once. Tom Robinson was convicted by himself and the Scottsboro boys had more men convicted. Finally for their disciplinary action Tom was sent to a plantation and the Scottsboro boys were sent to prison.