Mrs. Faccio's 1st Grade Newsletter

April 29, 2016

What's Up in the Classroom?

Reading - This week we continued talking about theme but focused on overcoming fears and having courage. Students also learned about text features and applied them to the book we were reading. They discovered that using text features is an important way to help them understand the content of the book.

Writing - We wrapped up our collection writing this week and picked one item to publish. Students focused on fixing punctuation, capitalization and spelling. They also worked to make sure their sentences made sense and they had enough details to support their opinion. Collections were sent home on Thursday. We will continue with our opinion writing but will focus it on other things.

Math - We continued with nonstandard measurement this week. Students measured different objects with paperclips and learned that it is important to be precise when measuring objects. They also made a pattern for our class quilt. This was quite the challenge but it turned out really well!

Spelling - Students did well on their spelling this week. It seems like they are better understanding the idea of spelling patterns and applying them to other words. It's coming through in their writing nicely.

Science - We are all done with Little D and the 5 Food Groups. It was fun to see the students talking about what they learned. One of the students told me they had all 5 food groups in their lunch ~ Yeah! We will move onto our study of the planets next week to start preparing for our upcoming field trip.

Sphero Draw and Drive

Students were exposed to something really cool this week ~ Spheros!! These are little devices that are programmed through the iPad. They are pretty costly (about $100 a piece) but so cool. The students loved them and may be asking for one for Christmas (which I apologize in advance for due to the price)!! We will continue to work with these spheros and learn more about them. :)

Field Trip - Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

If you haven't yet signed up for our field trip, please do so by May 6. Click here to get to the link. If you did not get a change to pay online, please visit the above link and do it there. Thanks so much!!