Freshman English

At Pennridge High School

Timeless Skills in a 21st Century Environment

More than ever before, literacy is critical. Aside from classic novels and traditional essays, students need to navigate, interpret, and evaluate an ever-evolving digital sphere of information. They will be expected to not only comprehend meaning, but also create original content of value. This is where that journey begins.

English in a One to One Laptop Environment

Our freshman teachers are moving into the fourth year of our One to One Laptop initiative. They consistently find ways to make learning relevant and challenging by blending technology and skill mastery to help all students reach their potential. While technology is a significant tool, it is the interpersonal skill and content expertise of our teachers that make it all work together for our students.
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Core Texts

While students will explore a variety of both fiction and non-fiction texts, our core works include the selections below. These classic works serve to help students build cultural literacy, develop critical reading skills, and think deeply about timeless themes and how their world reflects these same important ideas and questions.

Writing is More Important than Ever

Today's students need to master writing skills to succeed as communicators in the world. These writing skills must address and adapt to numerous purposes. While summaries, essays, and reports are still needed, students must also create their footprint in the digital world through social media, blogging , and other web-based opportunities. The best way to do this is to write often for many purposes, while developing skills to express ideas and opinions clearly and appropriately.

Level Comparison in Freshman English

This provides some general information about the level of proficiency each student is expected to reach as they move to 9th grade.
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Additional Information Regarding Humanities Honors

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Getting Ready for Freshman English!

While there are general criteria for recommending students, we believe that each student is capable of learning and growing beyond current levels. The following tips can be helpful to anyone looking to make the most of their Freshman English experience:

  • Read different types of books and texts (maybe even some that are not so easy for you)
  • Start writing------Start a blog, write in a journal. Use social media to express important ideas and opinions (in a nice, respectful way that helps you to represent your thinking and who you are in a positive way). Do something crazy and sit down and write a hand-written letter to someone who is important to you in some way. Write down what you want your life to look like in 1, 5, and 10 years----it's your writing and imagination---- the sky is the limit!!
  • Think about when and where you will do schoolwork at home and how you might organize yourself
  • Talk to friends and family about their ideas on reading and writing-- sharing is always a great idea

Have additional questions or need more information?

Mr. Hilary Czaplicki

English Supervisor

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