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September 2021

Hello families,

This is such an exciting time of year! The Burton Street staff members have been working day and night (literally) to welcome your children to school next week! All of the grade level 'Meet and Greets' have been well attended and the kids have been thrilled to talk to their teachers and play with their friends. Teachers are putting the final loving touches on their rooms and the facilities team is working non stop to prepare the building to welcome students!

Although we kick off another school year amidst unique circumstances, the Burton Street community has proven itself to be even more resilient, flexible and understanding than we were a year ago. Parents, guardians, siblings, teachers, neighbors, teaching assistants, service providers, staff, administrators, custodians and the transportation department have extended themselves in order to provide the children of our community the opportunity to learn in person five days a week, or learn from home, with one dedicated, online teacher for the entire year. This community is amazing and the students are incredibly fortunate to be supported by such compassionate and dedicated people.

This year will bring us challenges and celebrations - there is no doubt. There are amazing lessons that we learned from the past 18 months and we, as educators, caregivers and community members have grown immensely in our own ways. I will dedicate myself to channeling the positive lessons learned from the last year and a half and I am committed to creating a safe space for your children and a culture of collaboration and inquiry amongst the Burton Street staff.

I look forward to the upcoming year and spending time with your children.


See you all on Tuesday!

Be well and stay safe,

Kara May

Breakfast and Lunch Details

Breakfast and lunch will be free for all students this year, as per the USDA. Daily menus can be found on the district website here. Lunch will take place in the cafeteria by grade level. All students will have teacher assigned seating arrangements (table numbers, etc.)

GLUTEN FREE STUDENTS: The district offers gluten free burger buns, pizza crust and pasta for students with notable allergies.

Should your child have allergies and need alternative gluten items please do the following:

  • Print the monthly menu (found here)
  • Circle items your child wants that need a gluten- free alternative. Do not circle all of your child's lunch choices - please just indicate the choices that need a gluten-free alternative.
  • Send the printed menu into school with your child (just like last year) and your child will bring it to the main office.

Juice will be in the cafeteria line for students who cannot drink milk and want district provided breakfast/lunch.

A la Carte items, such as chips and ice cream will not be offered until October. We want to give students the time to get accustomed to going through the cafeteria line, learning their number, and understanding their seating arrangements, etc. first. Should your child want to purchase a la carte items, you can upload money to their account here.

For planning purposes:

  • Ice cream $1.00
  • Chips $.95
  • Milk $.55

All additional food service questions/concerns should be directed to Char Grimes at cgrimes@caz.cnyric.org.

School Calendar

The School Calendar and Parent/Guardian Guide will be sent to residents in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, you can find the 2021-2022 School Calendar here.

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Burton Street Handbook

The Board of Education recently approved the new Burton Street Elementary Student and Parent/Guardian Handbook. Your children will be bringing home a hard copy of this document the first week of school.

It can also be found below and on the district website.

Donna Snyder earns Staff Person of the Year!!

Congratulations to Burton Street's Donna Snyder on being named Cazenovia's Staff Person of the Year 2020-2021. Mrs. Snyder is a teaching assistant at Burton Street. Mrs. Snyder is a dedicated and selfless advocate for the students, always going above and beyond to offer support and interventions. She is a wonderful team player and an amazing asset to the Burton Street community. If you see Mrs. Snyder please congratulate her on this well deserved honor!
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Covid-19: Re-Opening

As per previous emails:

You can find the district Re-Opening Plan here.

You can find the Burton Street Re-Opening Plan here.

Additional questions? Feel free to email: covid19questions@caz.cnyric.org

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Upcoming Important Dates

September 7: First day for students

September 13: PTA meeting (7pm)

September 14: Bus safety drills

September 20: BOE meeting (6:30)

September 21: Curriculum Night (6:30)

September 28: Book Fair begins

Cazenovia Covid-19 Memoir Collection Published

During the spring of 2020, Burton Street Library Media Specialist Mrs. Katie McGinnis spearheaded a project that will forever document the experience of Covid-19 and temporary school closure. Mrs. McGinnis collected student perspectives and reflections on their experience during that trying time period.

I Am: A collection of narratives, essays, poems, and journal entries from Cazenovia students, staff, and community members impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020, was recently published and is available for purchase.

This book is a collection of narratives, essays, poems, etc. from all grade levels. There will be copies in the libraries across the district. Although the district, nor Mrs. McGinnis, make profit from the project, it is an amazing time capsule for the entire Cazenovia community.

CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU MRS. MCGINNIS for taking on this remarkable endeavor!

You can purchase the book here.

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Building Safety: Visitors

For the safety of students and staff, doors will be locked at all times. Students will say goodbye to their families in their vehicles in the morning if being dropped off. Please do not walk your child to class. This provides for the safety of all, and allows students to transition to school with their peers with minimal interruptions. Burton Street staff members will be located at the entrance to help and support students should it be needed.

Parents and guardians are welcome members of the Burton Street community. All visits to school for the purpose of visiting your child’s class must be pre-arranged with the teacher and/or administrator. Planned events will be communicated with families in a timely manner. All visitations should be pre-arranged and visitors must sign in at the main office and obtain a visitor badge.

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Please welcome our new additions to the Burton Street Family!

Mary FitzPatrick: Teaching Assistant

Kate Franz: Burton Street Administrative Intern

Karen Kogut: Teaching Assistant

Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival and dismissal procedures for 2021-2022 can be found here.

These are subject to change based on feedback and efficiency.

If you DO NOT have a car tag, but plan on picking your child up from school at least one day a week, please contact Debbie Richer at the main office to make arrangements to pick up your tag.

Birthday Celebrations

All birthday snacks need to be store bought or individually wrapped. Parents/guardians may drop off their child's special birthday treats on the table in the vestibule and office staff will ensure it makes its way to your child's class.
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Dollar Dog Saving Club!

To encourage positive money habits, Burton Street Elementary School offers an in-school banking program with Empower Federal Credit Union! Our in-school banking program will begin on October 5th and will take place every other Tuesday thereafter.

See information, including permission slip in documents below.