Passport to Spanish

Clairemont Elementary: Quarterly Update from Señora Straus

iHola y Bienvenidos!

I am delighted to be teaching Spanish this year with the Clairemont Elementary Bulldogs! I am a Georgia-native and studied Spanish formally at the University of Georgia and also through study-abroad programs at the University of Guadalajara, México and Georgia Tech's Cuba study abroad program. My professional experiences include working in business and government sectors with colleagues from around the Spanish-speaking world.

I look forward to a wonderful year with Clairemont Elementary students, learning, growing, and hablando en español!

For the first few months of this school year, students in Kindergarten are learning to identify the colors, numbers, and how to follow classroom instruction in Spanish. We are learning the ABC's in Spanish through song, music, and sign language.

1st graders are practicing writing and reading skills in Spanish. We have learned how to spell out the numbers one through twenty and also practiced counting through stories and song.

2nd graders worked on a project to identify the colors of flags in different Spanish-speaking countries. We counted the numbers of the colors on the flags and also wrote the description of the colors in Spanish. We also learned a little bit about each of these Spanish-speaking countries. (see work above)

While some students may speak Spanish already at home or through extracurricular activities, we are practicing writing and reading as well. I work to have students who already speak some Spanish collaborate in groups with classmates exposed to the language for the first time.

Students really enjoy having game day - where we have played Bingo with colors and shapes, and numbers. Through music, games, and play, we will continue learning Spanish over the course of the year to build vocabulary and fluency.

What's ahead?

Students will build on their Spanish-language skills, both written and spoken.

All grades will be learning about seasons, the calendar, and community helpers during the months of September and October.

Community Corner

At the Center for Puppetry Arts - Animal Amigos - Bilingual (Sept. 4-15)

There's a traveling show now in Atlanta that you might want to check out! Gather ‘round the Tree of Life for retellings of delightful Mexican folktales. Hear the story of Medio Pollito, the little half-chick born with one leg, one wing, one eye, and half a beak! Laugh as Rabbit outsmarts hungry Coyote again and again. Themes: World folklore, Spanish language, overcoming adversity, friendship, animals

Online Learning: Check out this PBS Kids link for some great educational videos and interactive games in Spanish with characters that children know and love: