Sun Gods


Sun Temple

The sun Temple was very important to the Incas because they worshiped the sun. They treated it like is was a god. They believed that the sun was very important. So, in honor of the sun, they built a Temple for it. In the palace you would pray to the sun like some people do to God.


Tuesday, Feb. 11th, 9pm

Machu Pichu, Urubamba, Cuzco, Peru


The sun parade is a big part of our culture. We dance while walking. Me and my husband get to sit on a big float like thing and people get to carry us. What a privilege! There is also lots of good food there that we enjoy. Then the day is over and we all go home. At least we have the memory to feast on........

Hiram Bingham

I am a famous explorer named Hiram Bingham and I went to college in UConn, which is in Connecticut. I got famous because I found the lost city of Machu Pichu. When I found the city I was tired from all the hiking, but I was fueled by my curiosity, so there I went up, up, up the mountain. Until I came to the top, I thought there was nothing there, but as I went in I found remains of an ancient civilization. Just then a spark happened in my mind. Did I just find something? That made me cut away the over growth faster. I found more and more pieces to my big puzzle. With the help of my friends, the people who had helped me up the mountain and through the woods and over growth, we all managed to cut down all the over growth and admire our discovery. And that was the BEST day of my life!!