LaLa Land

Created By Noah Thomas

How did we get into the union.

Congress admitted us into the union after Kentucky let us take half of their territory.

LaLa land was founded this year on january 1st.

There is 48 million people living in LaLa land with the governor being deshun and the two senators are Jesus and the Kool aid man.

We have 80 representatives.

State flag and State bird

The state flag is a lollipop and the state bird is a penguin.

Major exports and Major imports

We export tobacco products and we import cotton.

Universities and colleges , sports teams . and major rivers.

We have 7 huge universities and 4 community colleges we have 1 major league NHL team called the yellow devils. We have 1 huge major river called the hula hoop tycoon.

How many counties and biggest city

We have 2 counties and that's the west side and the east side our largest city is Mega land holding 3 million people.

Bordering States and State nickname

Bordering states are bennetland and Lugolia the state nickname is Lickaroo

State motto


State Song

My state song is Prettyboy swag by soulja boy just the instrumental.